Marco Bitran Wins the Men's Singles Ladder in Tennis

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 10, 2014) - In a long string of recent accomplishments, Marco Bitran has continued his winning streak by taking the top place in the Men's Singles Ladder and second place in Men's Doubles in Bloomington's Adult Tennis Leagues. Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana himself, Bitran has stated, "It is a great honor to be recognized in my hometown for a hobby that I've poured my passion into for years now." Bitran began playing tennis at the age of 8 at the local courts near the home of his childhood.

Winning a tennis tournament is not uncommon, but not everyone selflessly invests themselves back into the sport's community. Marco Bitran has and continues to coach the Junior Tennis league players in his spare time. Considerately, he also took the entirety of his prize winnings and generously contributed them to the local Boy Scouts of America organization which he credits as being instrumental in his upbringing. Bitran graduated from the club as an Eagle Scout himself and states that it taught him independence, teamwork, compassion, patience, and a love of nature and belonging.

After graduating with his fellow scouts from Bloomington High School, South, Bitran remained in the city and attended the Indiana University, Bloomington where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Economics. His employment as a Compensation and Benefits Manager for the city keeps him close to the community he has grown to embrace.

"Winning the ATP? Sure, I'd love that, but the sacrifices might be more than I'm willing to give," says Marco Bitran. Traveling with the Association of Tennis Professionals on a world tour tournament would require time away from his family, home, career, and community, things that Bitran does not take for granted. "Taking on my favorite giants of the sport, such as Andre Agassi and Andy Murray would be incredible. But sometimes dreams taste better as dreams than reality. And I wouldn't want to have to defend my title!" 

Bitran's sense of humor reveals his lighthearted and fun-loving personality. Prestige is not something he seems concerned with, and perhaps that's why it continues to follow him around. Being a recognized figure in your own town is just as rewarding as being known globally, and Bitran certainly is a hometown hero for many people.

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