Serenity Malibu Obtains Highest Honors From CARF -- Aspiring to Excellence

Serenity's Efforts for Attaining Improved Quality Control Levels Pay Off as the California Treatment Center Receives CARF's Highest Accreditation

MALIBU, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 22, 2014) - Serenity Malibu has recently reached one of the highest possible achievements that addiction treatment centers can obtain, by receiving a 3-year accreditation from CARF International -- the most respected organization, dealing with the accreditation of service providers responsible for alcoholism and addiction rehabilitation. This is the highest form of CARF accreditation that exists, the California Company having obtained it after the successful completion of a thorough and complex quality improvement program.

Serenity Malibu is also well known for having the highest client approval in the health and wellness industry. Approximately 95% of Serenity's clients, as surveyed by CARF, would be glad to recommend Serenity Malibu to a friend or family member.

After years of hard work in providing helpful and well-designed services and facilities to patients suffering from various addictions and drug abuse problems, Serenity Malibu is now internationally recognized as a fully accredited CARF-compliant service provider.

In an industry that demands the most thorough and complete self-examination of every plan, service package, and trained worker, due to the exceptional conditions and balance required by the rehabilitation process, Serenity Malibu has taken the next step towards setting a better example, and showing that it is possible for rehabilitation centers to demonstrate excellence.

CARF International has been operating as a recognized accrediting organization for more than 40 years. The results they have obtained through an extremely detailed evaluation of Serenity's addiction control programs, as well as their treatment of patients during and after the completion of the rehabilitation process have lead to the implementation of slight, but significant changes that have obtained even better and more complete results when it came to the individual care given to patients, as well as the efficiency and quality level of specific services and treatments.

While people actively tend to look for accredited treatment centers to help them cope with addictions and drug abuse, both CARF and Serenity Malibu representatives have acknowledged that the quality control standards and the benefits attained through the CARF accreditation process go well beyond mere competitive distinction.

The purpose was to produce a wide array of value added benefits and comply with internationally accepted standards, rather than make just some superficial improvements.

For example, rigorous inspections and detailed reports have been made to ensure that personalized rehabilitation solutions are achieved through the proper screening of patients, and that one-on-one treatments can be implemented as seamlessly and efficiently as possible, without unwanted side effects, powerful withdrawal symptoms or psychological trauma.

Well-designed quality improvement and progress monitoring programs were introduced to help achieve these goals, and the results have ultimately led to Serenity's successful accreditation.

This new development is considered by experts to be encouraging news to all those seeking the help of real professionals in the fight against anything from prescription medication abuse to cocaine addictions.

Representatives from Serenity Malibu hope that their initiative to obtain the renowned 3-year level of accreditation from CARF, while considerably increasing the company's recognition both locally and internationally, will also set an example and encourage other services in the near future to up their game in terms of providing more suitable facilities, training their experts more thoroughly, and making the best decisions overall when it comes to the improved health, comfort and trust of their patients.

About Serenity Malibu

Serenity Malibu has been specializing in delivering sound, dedicated and comprehensive rehabilitation services for years. With highly advanced facilities, affordable fees, discrete services and highly trained, experienced specialists, the CARF-accredited company is one of the leading treatment centers for addressing prescription drug, cocaine and opiate addictions, as well as alcohol abuse.

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