Military Family Receives Sub for Santa

Low VA Rates provided Christmas gifts and $1,500 towards a Sub for Santa for a Wyoming military family in need.

LINDON, Utah, Dec. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Christmas will be a little better this year for a Wyoming military family that has endured its fair share of struggles.

The Atchley family was recently selected as the Low VA Rates Sub for Santa recipient and has received many Christmas gifts and an additional $1,500 check from Low VA Rates.

The Atchley family has recently passed through some tough times and needed the extra help during the holiday season to provide a nice Christmas for their family.

The father was recently discharged from the Air Force and has struggled to find employment since. The mother is taking care of their four children and has also not been able to find employment.

After receiving all the applications, Low VA Rates decided the Atchley family was the perfect Sub for Santa Candidate.

"You really have no idea how much of a burden Low VA Rates has taken off my husband and I," A. Atchley said. "We are so grateful for Low VA Rates making this Christmas a miracle for us."

Low VA Rates has assisted families across the nation with various charitable events and donations, and has provided a Christmas donation to a family in need for the past four years.

President of Low VA Rates, Eric Kandell, loves the holiday season to give back to military families in need.

"We have always made it a point to give back during the holiday season to military families in need," Kandell said. "This year the Atchley family really stood out as being a wonderful military family that needed some assistance and we were very pleased that we could help out."

The father has strong ties to the military and has been serving our country for the past 5 years until his recent discharge.  He joined the military in 2009 and later became a services apprentice after technical school.  The family has been stationed across the nation and he also served a tour in Iraq with the 332 Expeditionary FSS during Operation New Dawn.

"The Atchley family is everything good we see in military families and we are honored to be able to help them out this Christmas," Kandell said.

The four children of the Atchley's received many gifts from Low VA Rates including:  clothes, action figures, speakers, bedding and even a Huffy green machine.  The additional $1,500 donated will be used to help make Christmas a wonderful time for the Atchley family this year.

"It has been a hard year for us, but we are still keeping our holiday spirit alive!" A. Atchley said.  "We are so grateful to Low VA Rates and it will be nice to give my children the Christmas they deserve."

Low VA Rates has donated over $12,000 in charitable donations in 2014 and plans to continue to give back to the community and military families.

"Since Low VA Rates has opened its doors for business we have always made it a point to give back to military families."  Kandell said.  "We love all that have served in the military and give our heartfelt gratitude for sacrificing their lives to preserve our freedoms."


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