Real Estate Maven Faivish Pewzner Sees Strong Growth Through 2015

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2015) - With the expansion of real estate purchases all around the tri-state area, real estate expert Faivish Pewzner is predicting strong economic growth to coincide with a strong forecast in rising real estate prices. As some markets have stabilized and some declining including South Florida where the market was over flooded with "funny money."

New York City is a prime location where new jobs are being created and the hub of the financial industry has strongly regained its footing since the "great recession" that started nearly 8 years ago.

Future economic growth in the city is expected to come from expanded job growth, investors who are looking to go further and further outside of the prime New York City limits to purchase up new real estate with hopes of it one day turning into a hot spot as has been the case with Williamsburg in the Brooklyn Borough.

Harlem is seeing a magnificent gentrification and before you know it all of the boroughs will be gentrified. With this expectation the Faivish Pewzner Real Estate team of experts is looking forward to seeing the expected growth come to reality.

"As a maven in the industry for years who has thrived, we are expecting to see expanded growth in the tri-state area with home prices that are considered affordable compared to San Francisco and an ever growing population from all over the world we expect New York City, Northern New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut to see substantial growth over the course of quarter 2, 3, and 4 of this year," says Pewzner, who has grown his brokerage practice over the last few years with a strong emphasis on building positive personal relationships and nurturing those to build referrals and has thus lowered the overall cost of marketing a practice that was all but unheard of until Pewzner came up with the idea years ago.

So now we can wait and see if the maven is correct or incorrect as we enter quarter 2 of the 2015 year tomorrow.

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