NEI Lauds Initialing of US-South Korea Agreement

Pact Is Foundation of Commercial Nuclear Trade Partnership

WASHINGTON, DC,, April 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Obama administration demonstrated its support for nuclear energy exports through bilateral interaction with South Korea. The two nations have initialed a cooperative agreement requiring congressional approval. Following is a statement from Daniel Lipman, the Nuclear Energy Institute's vice president for supplier and international programs.

"The U.S. nuclear energy industry and manufacturers and suppliers of commercial nuclear technologies commend the Obama administration for initialing the cooperative agreement with South Korea that will advance commercial nuclear trade between the two nations. The timely completion of the agreement will bolster our longstanding bilateral relationship. It is critical for the United States to both compete in the growing global marketplace and maintain its influence over global nonproliferation and international nuclear safety.

"South Korea is a longstanding commercial nuclear energy trading partner with the United States. Since 1974, the bilateral trade pact has functioned as the conduit for a robust and successful collaboration in nuclear energy R &D, safety and security.

"Extensive cooperation in commercial nuclear energy between the United States and South Korea is a pillar of our countries' strategic partnership. The economic benefits include U.S. exports to South Korea, U.S. exports to third countries to supply South Korean projects and joint ventures, imports of materials from South Korea to supply projects in the United States, and a variety of joint R &D projects.

"The deep links between our nuclear energy sectors contribute significantly to the U.S. economy, supporting tens of thousands of American jobs. South Korea's continued use of U.S.-based technology and the continued direct involvement of U.S. personnel in South Korea's growing nuclear industry also will help assure that its nuclear safety continues to meet the highest standards."

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