Magnolia Health Launches Interactive Child Imaging Safety Program

Partnership Offers Tools for Better Understanding, Health

JACKSON, Miss., May 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Magnolia Health is advancing an interactive child imaging safety awareness program to help Mississippi families better prepare for health diagnostics.

Magnolia Health is joining with NIA (National Imaging Associates Inc.) Magellan, which processes imaging requests for its members, to educate patients, families and children about how best to prepare and understand various radiology tests, including CT scans, MRI scans and X-rays. This innovative, interactive technology will better inform patients to produce healthier outcomes.

Magnolia Health is offering its members access to an interactive website,, that was designed from a child's perspective, with animated characters, bright colors and easy-to-understand descriptions. The website emphasizes learning through simulation. Parents and their children can choose a character and an "adventure" (i.e., a CT scan, MRI scan or an X-ray) to better understand and visualize what will happen during testing. Descriptions of the tests are available in language suitable for children and adults, and it includes a parent/caregiver learning section with information about the procedure and questions to ask the child's physician ahead of time.

Magnolia Health and NIA Magellan will also offer an online radiation calculator that allows members to calculate and track radiation exposure from medical imaging tests. This tool is intended to empower patients to have more informed discussions with their doctors, so they can make appropriate choices and avoid unnecessary radiation exposure.

According to WebMD, about 7 million CT scans are performed on children in the U.S each year – and that number is rising about 10 percent per year. With the increasing amount of radiation children are exposed to, along with a patient population that is better educated and aware of their health, it is important that parents and children understand and prepare for various radiology testing.

"We are pleased to give our members important tools that help them have thoughtful discussions with their physicians about radiology testing and how to prepare for these tests, both to put parents and their children at greater ease," said Dr. Jason B. Dees, president and CEO of Magnolia Health. "This awareness and preparedness improves understanding and outcomes."

"RadZone Kids and the Radiation Calculator are new, user-friendly tools we have launched as part of our overall commitment to patient safety and clinical excellence in supporting our providers, consumers and Magnolia Health plan members," said Tina Blasi, CEO of NIA Magellan.

Many childhood diseases and conditions can be diagnosed using medical diagnostic imaging equipment, and countless children have benefited from the technology. Still, unnecessary radiation exposure during medical procedures should be avoided whenever possible, according to Magnolia Health. Because radiation exposure is cumulative, the earlier a person is exposed to it, the more likely he or she will have more lifetime exposure than someone who receives this as an adult. It is important to discuss whether alternatives may be appropriate.

For optimal imaging safety for children, Magnolia Health encourages its members to be advocates for their children and ask physicians these important questions to get the best outcomes:

  1. Could an imaging test that doesn't use radiation be just as useful for my child's situation?
  2. Does the facility use radiation dose reduction techniques when scanning children? The imaging facility should provide this information.
  3. Will I be able to go with my child into the scanner room?
  4. Does the facility have an American College of Radiology accreditation? Be sure to also ask whether the technologists have credentials, and if the person interpreting the test is a board-certified radiologist or pediatric radiologist.

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