Grandmother Pauline Zebrowski Launching Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Her Knitting and Crafting Business

NEW ORLEANS, LA--(Marketwired - May 28, 2015) - Since the passing of her husband more than 10 years ago, Pauline Zebrowski has steadily continued knitting quilts and refining her crafting techniques to an impressive extent. Active and determined to bring joy to the world through her impressive talent, she has now started the procedures to launch her own crowdfunding campaign to promote her crafts during retirement.

Pauline Zebrowski, nicknamed Polly by her grandchildren, was born in New Orleans 85 years ago. She had always felt that an education would help her, and after having completed college in Oklahoma, she lived a long and happy life together with her husband. Even after he had passed away, she still felt the need to continue her active, fun lifestyle, despite her age.

As a grandmother, Pauline Zebrowski has always loved knitting and has been working on anything from quilts to sweaters and blankets with intricate and creative designs for years. Later, she also took up crafting, managing to create fun and useful household items and office trinkets to be placed on desks and around the house, both to improve appearance and serve a practical purpose. Her fun and well-designed paper holders are just one of the numerous intriguing and beautiful objects that she constantly works on.

Through her crowdfunding efforts she is already picking up positive press. Pauline hopes to acquire the necessary funds to help expand her horizons and make the world a more colorful and happier place while she is still living here on planet earth with the help of her talent and determination. In a modern age where electronics and gadgets seem to often take precedence over creative crafts, this 85-year-old grandma has certainly found a niche that not many would consider.

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