CGG launches lowest-noise FALCON Plus airborne gravity gradiometry technology

PARIS, June 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CGG announced today the launch of FALCON Plus, the newest release in the highly successful suite of FALCON airborne gravity gradiometer (AGG) systems, halving the survey data noise of the world's best AGG and providing more effective exploration capabilities.

FALCON was already recognised as the world's quietest AGG system compared to other commercial AGG systems, having been designed specifically for use in light aircraft and engineered to isolate the instrument from aircraft-induced noise. Now, with multiple improvements in hardware, software, and data acquisition technology, the new FALCON Plus halves the noise of the FALCON system.

AGG surveys can be used to explore large prospective areas for only a fraction of the cost of 2D and 3D seismic surveys. This allows a greater return on subsequent exploration investments by prioritizing the areas for seismic exploration.  As explorers focus on increasingly deeper targets with subtle geophysical signatures, the noise level of the AGG instrument is of primary importance to increase survey accuracy.

FALCON Plus provides 20 times better spatial resolution (150 m vs. 3000 m] and up to 10 times higher accuracy (0.1 mGal vs. 1.0 mGal) than conventional airborne gravity systems.  Additionally, FALCON Plus surveys can immediately be assessed for data accuracy and system noise, assuring consistent high-quality data, while routinely covering in excess of 2,000 km2 per week in a fixed-wing aircraft.

Because of its higher resolution, FALCON Plus can be used for detailed mapping of near-surface geology, including ever smaller geological features. Its greater accuracy over conventional airborne gravity also results in superior mapping of basement topography to depths exceeding 6,000m. Falcon Plus can also be successfully deployed in areas of remote and rugged topography, such as in Papua New Guinea or the South American Andes, which pose significant challenges to ground-based gravity acquisition.

Jean-Georges Malcor, CEO, CGG, said: "The new FALCON Plus builds on the proven success of our FALCON AGG technology which has acquired in excess of 3 million line-kilometers of gravity gradiometry data worldwide since its launch in 1999. CGG looks forward to demonstrating the powerful exploration capabilities of the new FALCON Plus to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of their target geology."

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