Infographic: Unaffected by the Recent FIFA Scandal, 6/10 U.S. Women Still Plan to Watch the Women's World Cup 2015

Social Media Is Chosen as the Top Medium for Staying Updated on the Games

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - June 08, 2015) - Influenster, the growing product discovery and reviews destination, conducted an online survey on the female users of its 1.2 million+ member strong community of social media influencers to weigh in on one of the most important international women's sporting event: The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup (WWC) Canada.

The infographic shines light on these women's plans for tuning into the game, which teams they are rooting for, their thoughts on women in sports, and their reactions towards the recent headline news surrounding FIFA.

63% of U.S. women plan on watching the WWC
Of this staggering percentage of women who plan to catch the live games, a large part of their motivation stemmed from the urge to support women in sports (52%) and Team USA (58%). In addition, 33% of them cite being soccer fans. Of those who plan on tuning into the games, 49% of them played soccer growing up, while a surprising 47% of them still play soccer as adults.

Social media beats traditional and new media for WWC updates
While 61% of U.S. women choose their online social media networks to keep up with the latest WWC updates, 47% watches television, 37% reads news websites while a mere 6% go to print media. Of the main social media platforms, Facebook emerges triumphant with a whopping 73% of users who rely on it for sports news updates over Twitter (53%), Instagram (47%) and Snapchat (27%). Of the Twitter community, reasons cited for tweeting include: interacting with a larger community of sports fans (76%), supporting one's team online (64%), feeling more connected to the game (49%) and feeling more patriotic by connecting with fellow citizens (27%).

72% of U.S. women are more likely to watch WWC because Team USA is competing
Of the women polled on this question, it is interesting to note that 25% of U.S. women would watch WWC anyway because it's a worldwide competition. There are also distinct discrepancies between the teams U.S. women are rooting for versus the teams whom they think will win: with 78% supporting USA, only 58% actually think USA will win.

97% of U.S. women think that WWC offers strong role models that inspire girls
59% of women say they follow other international women's sports competitions, alongside 95% who hope to see more of such global women's sporting events open up and 97% who cite that WWC offers strong role models that inspire girls.

FIFA corrupt executives scandal got more attention than the WWC artificial turf lawsuit
While 44% of U.S. women have heard of the FIFA scandal involving corrupt officials, only 20% have heard of the WWC lawsuit against FIFA calling for the games to be played on natural grass instead of artificial turf. Despite the FIFA scandal, 66% of women still plan on watching the WWC, the main reason (59%) cited as: the focus of WWC should be on the talented female athletes, and not corrupt FIFA executives.

These are some of the key findings from two Influenster surveys conducted from May 28 - June 3, 2015 with a total of 23,718 completes. With a sample of 10,400 female users across all ages (Under 18: 4.28%; 18-24: 42.05%; 25-29: 23.87%; 30-34: 12.67%; 40-44: 3.94%; 45 and over: 3.64%) with heavy social media usage (On 2+ social media channels: 99%). Average age of respondent: 28. Minority reach: 34%. The survey was conducted online in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3.0 percentage points.

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