Los Altos Chiropractor Relieves Tissue Pain Through Graston Technique

LOS ALTOS, Calif., June 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Bay Area chiropractor is using a recent advance in non-invasive care to correct issues related to soft tissue pain. Dr. Mary Reimer of the Reimer Wellness Center employs the Graston Technique, a manual modality that releases scarred or trapped muscles and connective tissues, as a treatment for many of her patients. "Many incidents that cause spinal misalignments also cause internal tissue damage," says Dr. Reimer. "This technique fits in well with our non-invasive, conservative treatment philosophy, significantly reduces pain and restores freedom of motion."

Normally, the creation of scar tissue at an injury site is a beneficial development where the body attempts to isolate and arrest the motion of damaged muscles so proper rebuilding can take place. "Unfortunately, scarring can get out of control, causing lumps of scar tissue to overgrow and trap muscle fibers and connective tissue, essentially gluing them together to form what we call adhesions"; these adhesions, she explains, can severely limit muscle contraction and motion in the affected area, making even simple movements painful or even impossible. Dr. Reimer adds that adhesions can also prevent tissues from completing the healing process, meaning that an injured body part cannot fully recover. "Many of the people we see for chiropractic care suffer from problems due to adhesions associated with old injuries, and the presence of an adhesion can make traditional adjustments difficult," she says.

The Graston technique for correcting this problem is based on the use of stainless-steel instruments that enable the practitioner to detect and release adhesions. The instruments are coupled with emollient cream (Graston cream) allowing the instruments to glide easily. With Dr. Reimer's expert stroking technique, the procedure is literally painless and very effective. By running the instruments over stiff or painful tissues, she can feel the presence of scar tissue, which has a lumpier, more haphazard structure than the long, regular "grain" of normal tissue fibers. Once the tool has identified an area of scarring, the chiropractor uses the tool to work the adhesion loose. A certain amount of discomfort, she adds, is to be expected from the process, but in the long term, patients can enjoy freedom from their old pain and lack of mobility.

Originally developed for treating sports injuries, this technique is not offered by all Los Altos chiropractors, according to Dr. Reimer. "It is relatively new compared to traditional methods, but it already enjoys a 75 to 90-percent success rate when performed by a professional trained in the procedure," she says. While a course of therapy may last for up to five weeks, many patients experience significant results by the fourth session. "It's a powerful tool for treating chronic injury cases," Dr. Reimer says.

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