QuickMobile Introduces Industry's First Mobile Event App with Apple Watch Integration

New event app for 2015 CEMA Summit connects with latest in wearable technology to drive more personalized, timely and valuable attendee experience

VANCOUVER, BC, July 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuickMobile, the global leader in mobile enterprise meeting and event apps, today announced the launch of the industry's first mobile event app with Apple Watch integration, developed for the 2015 Corporate Event Marketing Association (CEMA) Annual Summit on July 12-14, 2015. The app allows attendees to personalize their schedules, network with other attendees and sponsors, share their experiences through integrated social media channels and compete against peers in a friendly gamification feature. In addition, for the first time at a meeting industry event, conference attendees will be able to review their personal schedules on Apple Watch, as well as receive alerts and notifications from event organizers.

Raising the Bar for Meetings and Events

"Our members come to the CEMA Summit to push the envelope, explore new possibilities, and learn how to up their game," said Kimberley Gishler, President and CEO of CEMA. "When QuickMobile showed us how the Apple Watch can directly impact the attendee experience at meetings and events without a lot of effort, we knew we had a unique opportunity on our hands. Smart watch integration supports our commitment to hosting more personalized and engaging events, creating micro-mobile moments by presenting contextual information that is fully focused on the individual."

Focused Apple Watch Integration

The integration between the mobile event app and Apple Watch was deliberately focused on the hyper-personal experience the device offers. It integrates the app's main scheduling features, only alerting users to the information that is immediately valuable to them. The content in the CEMA Apple Watch app will update in real-time when users add, delete or edit their event schedule on their phones.

The CEMA Apple Watch app includes two views: a Glance view and the Schedule view.

  • The Glance view is intended as a one-frame window into app content QuickMobile added logic to the app's schedule tool so that when an attendee looks at the CEMA Watch Glance, they will see information about the session that is coming up next in their personal schedule. This view will change in real-time as the Attendee progresses through the event and will always display the user's next event.
  • The Schedule view is a list view of the user's complete personal "My Schedule" that they have setup in the CEMA mobile event app. The list view displays all the necessary event details, including the color-coded tracks, in an efficient and useful view. The attendee can either swipe through the list of their scheduled events, or use the Apple Watch's digital bezel to scroll smoothly through the list. The list will update in real-time as users add, delete, or edit their personal event schedule on their phones.

Hyper-Personalization for Deeper Engagement

"Throughout the meeting and event industry there is a greater focus on personalization and using technology to transform engagement. What better event to demonstrate the capabilities of an integrated Apple Watch app than CEMA Summit," said Craig Brennan, CEO of QuickMobile. "Apple Watch is a hyper-personal device with great potential once the full SDK is released in the fall of 2015. With that in mind, everything that we have done and will do in the future with the Apple Watch and other smart watches will be evaluated on three key questions: 'Is it personal?', 'Is it timely?', and 'Is it valuable to the user?'"

Brennan added, "We are just scratching the surface with the CEMA integration, and we couldn't be more excited for the future of the platform for our customers around the world. This Apple Watch integration is a first for the industry. QuickMobile is a company of firsts with a history of changing meetings and events with new, innovative mobile event technology."

QuickMobile has produced Apple Watch & You: The Event Planner's Guide to the New and Hyper-Personal Attendee Experience to help meeting industry professionals understand how the Apple Watch can enhance their next meeting or event and mobile event app. The free guide is available for download on QuickMobile.com.

About QuickMobile

QuickMobile deepens the value of meetings and events with mobile apps that engage and delight audiences. QuickMobile's enterprise mobile app and analytics platform creates an always-on communication channel that allows event owners to increase attendee participation, build loyalty and generate revenue through richer experiences. By fully leveraging the capabilities of QuickMobile's mobile and social solutions, customers can extend events into yearlong conversations and build lasting relationships with their audiences. QuickMobile's head office is located in Vancouver, Canada. For more information, visit www.quickmobile.com. Follow QuickMobile on Twitter @quickmobile.

About Corporate Event Marketing Association

CEMA (Corporate Event Marketing Association) is the premier community for senior event marketing professionals, association peers and partners. CEMA promotes professional networking opportunities, facilitates peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and drives industry standards. Through strong relationships with strategic partners, CEMA creates solutions to business issues. For more information, please visit http://www.cemaonline.com or call (916) 740-3623.

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