NextGate's Strong Second Quarter Results Include Large Enterprise Account Wins

Leading healthcare organizations select NextGate to empower care teams with accurate, relevant and actionable information

PASADENA, Calif., July 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NextGate, the leading healthcare technology company for patient and physician identification that supports care team collaboration, today announced continued growth during the second quarter of 2015 with the addition of several new healthcare enterprise organizations, integrated delivery networks and health information exchanges. As one of the largest providers of healthcare identity management technology, NextGate uses its expertise in patient identification to connect the healthcare ecosystem by accurately identifying and linking patient and provider data.

NextGate has experienced significant customer growth during the first half of the year, and much of that growth was during the second quarter. NextGate accelerated its momentum in the healthcare market as organizations realize that cross-platform information sharing requires a single, consistent, enterprise identifier for patients and providers. NextGate attributes its recent growth to the role its robust MatchMetrix interoperability suite plays in care team collaboration, specifically its #1 KLAS ranked Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) and Provider Registry. These products enable NextGate's customers to automate duplicate record clean up, eliminate duplicate registrations and provide faster, more accurate patient lookup while promoting a consistent overall patient experience. Some new customers who have implemented EMPI include:

  • Connecticut Department of Social Services (CT DSS), which provides myriad state and federal programs, serving more than 950,000 individuals in 600,000 households
  • Hallmark Health System, the premier, charitable provider of vital health services to Boston's northern communities serving a patient population of 400,000
  • Novarad, specializing in radiology software and streamlined workflow solutions with over 15 diagnostics products and claim over 850 customers

The company is also celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2015, and this milestone marks a decade of NextGate's collaboration, commitment and innovation in the healthcare industry.

"For 10 years NextGate has helped hundreds of organizations synthesize disparate data into consistent, trusted information," said Andy Aroditis, NextGate CEO and co-founder. "We are thrilled to be a part of a technology foundation that enables meaningful collaboration among care providers, departments, and organizations. NextGate is committed to ensuring that our customers have access to consistent information and derive multiple benefits from our forward-thinking solutions. We especially look forward to helping them further in the next 10 years and beyond."

About NextGate

NextGate uses its unmatched expertise in patient identification to connect the healthcare ecosystem by accurately identifying and linking patient and provider data. NextGate's Care Team Collaboration solution leverages the company's industry-leading identity management technology to connect disparate data at the patient and provider level, dynamically building care team profiles and empowering the team with relevant and actionable information. At the core of this architecture is NextGate's Best in KLAS EMPI technology which currently manages more than 170 million lives. It is deployed by the nation's most successful healthcare systems and health information exchanges.


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