Bella Sante Spa to Offer Facial Micro-Needling & Boston-Based Skincare Line

Local day and med spa adds result-oriented service to improve skin tone and minimize wrinkles

BOSTON, Aug. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bella Santé, a premiere day and med spa, with locations in Lexington, Boston and Wellesley, is now expanding its list of relaxation and results-based services by adding the highly-effective Micro-Needling treatment starting September 15, 2015. The new facial service will be available in all three locations.

Bella Santé has offered men and women its services since 1998, and has grown into an award winning day and med spa employing over 170 committed and highly-trained staff. Beginning August 10th, guests will be able to further enhance their experience with the spa by scheduling appointments for the new treatment that will be available in September for roughly $300 per session. To schedule a Micro-Needling appointment, please call Bella Santé at: 617-424-9930.

The treatment, which requires little-to-no down time, temporarily creates hundreds of micro-channels in the skin, triggering collagen production in the face, neck, and chest areas. Micro-Needling works to create short-term, controlled "micro-injuries." In turn, the skin goes through three phases: Inflammation, Proliferation, and Remodeling. This cycle, in which people undergoing the procedure have reported minimal or no discomfort, allows the body's natural healing response to kick in. This provides an influx of collagen and elastin to reinvigorate and rejuvenate the skin. This affordable treatment is often used on younger patients to maintain their youthful skin, but is effective on men and women of all ages and skin types during any time of the year.

"The device used for this treatment gives us some versatility, allowing us to tailor each session to the patient's particular skin needs," said Dr. William Numa, MD, FACS, Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, and Medical Director for Bella Santé. "The technology's features and flexibility, coupled with our specific patient protocols, makes the procedure that much more safe and effective."

Micro-Needling combats acne scars, stretch marks, and aging effects. For optimal results, Tiffany Amorosino, Bella Santé President and Co-Founder, recommends a series of 4-6 treatments that are spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Maintenance procedures are probable, though keeping a routine skin-care regime allows the micro-needling to be effective for up to a year.

"We pride ourselves in the screening of procedures and services to ensure that they will heighten our guests' experiences," said Amorosino. "After extensive research, we could not be more excited to bring Micro-Needling to Bella Santé. We believe new and existing clients will be shocked to see the positive effect this treatment has on the face, neck and chest areas."

Boston-based Silk Therapeutics available at Bella Santé:

As of this week, Boston-based Silk Therapeutics™ skincare line is available for purchase at all three Bella Santé locations. Silk Therapeutics products offered at Bella Santé include: Silk Intensive C Serum, Silk Smoothing Complex, Silk Renewing Peel and Silk Eye Revive. The premiere-quality line based around natural silk in a liquid form, works to lock in moisture while delivering potent actives that reduce the signs of aging and damaged skin. Silk Therapeutics products can be used on all skin types including those with the most sensitive skin.

The mission of Silk Therapeutics Co-Founders Rebecca Horan Ph.D., a cancer survivor, and Co-Founder Greg Altman Ph.D. is to create a healthy and effective anti-aging product line that is safe for all individuals including those going through medical treatments, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. The Silk Therapeutics line is a perfect pairing to the advanced skin rejuvenating treatments offered at Bella Santé Spa which now include laser and micro-needling.
The skincare line recently funded by The Kraft Group, has a noteworthy charity angle. With every purchase, Silk Therapeutics, Inc., will donate product to a patient undergoing oncology treatment.

Bella Santé President & Co-Founder Tiffany Amorosino has joined Silk Therapeutics as a member of the company's Professional Board of Advisors. "We are grateful to have Tiffany's expertise as a leader and visionary in the luxury spa market as we continue to grow Silk Therapeutics." Greg Altman

Reporters interested in sampling Silk Therapeutic products or trying the Micro-Needling service for research purposes can contact JoJo Gutfarb at or 508-404-1745. For a full list of services and more information about Bella Santé, please

About Bella Santé:

Bella Santé, a luxury day and medical spa offers a select variety of services for men and women in three Boston area locations: Newbury St., Wellesley and Lexington. Specializing in skin care, body care, nail care and hair care, treatments at Bella Santé range from relaxation based massages to result oriented treatments – the theme for the spa's carefully developed services. Bella Santé and its product shop is open 7-days a week: 8:30a.m. - 9:00p.m. For more information please visit:


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