Brisk's Enterprise Administrative Tool Launches at Dreamforce to Integrate All Third-Party Salesforce Apps to Provide a Comprehensive Sales View

Amazing Conversion and Sales Increases Reported When Using New Version to Gather Sales Data That Prompts Users What to Do Next

MALMO, SWEDEN--(Marketwired - Sep 15, 2015) - With thousands of sales tools exploding onto the market, sales teams can rejoice about the new Enterprise Administration tool launched today at the 2015 Dreamforce Conference from Brisk ( -- a company focused purely on helping salespeople increase sales. Brisk integrates third-party apps and makes them like an auto-generated to-do list. This new functionality gives customers the opportunity to access and utilize third-party Salesforce tools to gather more complete information and make more effective use of their CRM data to drive explosive sales growth.

With several clients seeing a 200 percent increase in sales and an 80 percent increase in conversion rates, Brisk's new Administration System takes a massive step forward by allowing companies to integrate all sales tools of their business into their workflow. Salespeople can now access third-party tools and functionality that can help improve conversion and gather data, all from the comfort of Brisk's user-friendly software. And, since Brisk only reads information from the sales tools and doesn't store data, users preserve control of their own intelligence -- a huge value-add.

Brisk clients have reported an increase in task handling by more than 200 percent while others have optimized its opportunity updates by nearly 85 percent since implementation. Brisk looks forward to sharing this technology with attendees at the Dreamforce conference as the new third-party integration technology makes the software an incredible value for any company utilizing Salesforce or any tools connected with the platform.

"Dreamforce provides insight into how Salesforce users are processing information and the many different tools that are being used to reach their goals. This year, Brisk set out to develop a solution that not only works with Salesforce but one that seamlessly incorporates any third-party tool that integrates with Salesforce to give users everything they need to make important sales decisions," said Hampus Jakobsson, Brisk cofounder and CEO. "Major brands rely on Salesforce to improve customer relationships. With unprecedented access to customized features and minimal ramp-up time for a Brisk installation, these latest enhancements will better connect brands with their customers and, ultimately, drive more sales."

By using the Administration System, enterprise clients can now configure which to-dos are shown to the user, regardless of role and geography. In addition, the data in these tools can prompt an action from a sales representative. Making it easier to comply and follow the intended sales process, for example; every hot deal should have a next step, all churning companies contacted, and everyone who was invited to the webinar should have a follow-up email. Direct access to customization allows enterprises to leverage valuable data while quickly familiarizing sales teams with the technology, and minimizing any disruption or delay in the sales process.

Lauded by Salesforce customers globally, Brisk's integrates into an organization's sales and marketing tools and recommends to users what their next best step is with any given client, regardless of their position in the sales process. When configured, Brisk allows users to pull valuable data from all existing Salesforce applications, such as Marketo, DocuSign, Zendesk and Zuora -- giving sales teams access to even more tools to leverage the best information available so that a sales team can reach optimal results and achieve remarkable growth.

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