Media Alert: B-Roll and High Resolution Photos for EMV Chip Card Payment Reporting Available Online

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J., Sept. 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shoppers across America are noticing a new chip security feature on their payment cards. They're called chip cards, and most consumers have at least one or will get one soon from their bank. Beginning in October 2015, retailers may be liable for certain types of fraud if they are unable to accept chip cards.

To assist media reporting on chip cards, the EMV Migration Forum now offers these new materials, available in the Press Room at

  • Broadcast-quality B-roll featuring:
    • Shopper footage
    • The front and back of a chip card
    • How to complete a chip transaction
    • Shopper purchase with a chip card
    • Chip card use at the ATM
    • Soundbites from EMV Migration Forum director Randy Vanderhoof

Note: The b-roll is available for download in the following resolutions: ProRes 422 (1920x1080), ProRes 422 LT (1920x1080), Full resolution MP4 (1920x1080) and Half resolution MP4 (960x540)

  • High-resolution still images of non-branded chip cards
  • Infographics depicting:
    • The steps of a chip card transaction
    • The steps of an ATM transaction

All materials are available for use by the media, and can be downloaded at

About the EMV Migration Forum

The EMV Migration Forum is a cross-industry body focused on supporting the EMV chip implementation steps required for payment networks, issuers, processors, merchants, and consumers to help ensure a successful introduction of more secure chip technology in the United States. The focus of the Forum is to address topics that require some level of industry cooperation and/or coordination to migrate successfully to chip technology in the United States. For more information on the EMV Migration Forum, please visit


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