Interactive App Allows Consumers to Connect With Their Favorite Brands and Personalities in a Fun New Way

Zip - The Question Answer App Provides First-Time, Two-Way Consumer Communication With Analytics for Brands

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - October 01, 2015) - In today's digital, instant-gratification world, brands continue to look for ways to keep pace with changes in technology while engaging their consumers at the same time.

Enter Zip - The Question Answer App, a unique and fun social app that is quickly gaining popularity by instantly settling friendly squabbles, arguments, debates, and opinion-based questions through anonymously gathering responses from fellow users.

Zip - The Question Answer App gives you real results from real people in real time, settling arguments one question at a time. From the moment a profile is created, users are able to immediately interact as part of someone else's experience (debate or question). When asking questions, users are able to choose a category their question belongs in and the time limit they wish to receive consensus within, ranging from 5 minutes to one week. By answering questions, you can help other users reach the end of a debate, once and for all. When finding out the answers are not always what's expected to proving yourself right (or wrong) in a friendly squabble -- Zip never lies. The sky is the limit to what you can anonymously ask and answer.

San Diego-based technology think tank Crazy Raccoons, LLC, creator of the content-rich and patent pending app, refers to it as a Social Interactive Platform (SIP) because it allows for two-way communication from a brand or personality to their audience and back. By allowing consumers to respond to targeted questions, this SIP creates an interactive conversation. Zip - The Question Answer App empowers the personality, brand or medium using a proprietary QuickCode (referenced in depth below) because they control the environment where this conversation takes place. The communication loop is a positive experience for both them and their audience of users because Zip prevents profanity, blocks offensive commentary and ensures all opinions are instantly heard within minutes.

The app's proprietary technology enables brands to close the communication loop with consumers by asking opinion-based questions that allow for real-time results, analytics on responses and continued interaction. Using analytics based on responses to questions, brands can better serve their consumers by adapting their products and services. This first-time method allows brands to reach multiple demographic audiences quickly and seamlessly, and can also save companies a lot of time and money on market research.

"Today, brands are investing in the customer experience to drive business and profitable revenue growth. Zip is the perfect tool for them to do that, while bringing them closer to their consumers and fans," said Ric Militi, founder and CEO of Crazy Raccoons. "Zip gives consumers a chance to interact in real-time with brands and personalities and have fun doing it."

Users can simply download the free Zip - The Question Answer App to:

  • Get answers to opinion-based questions by consensus they can't get online;
  • Settle questions in the timeframe they choose and in as little as 5 minutes;
  • Weigh in anonymously on questions that matter to them, from fun and crazy to philosophical and newsworthy;
  • Interact with their favorite personalities, brands, events, teams, and media, including print, radio, television, podcasts and more;
  • Be notified of trending questions as little or as often as they want;
  • Personalize their feed to only get questions that match their interests and from other users in the age range they select.

How it works: Once users download the app to their Apple or Android device, they can choose categories they would like to answer questions from, including health and fitness, beauty, entertainment, politics, parenting, business, dating and relationships, food and drink, and everything in between. Each user remains entirely anonymous while both asking and answering questions, so they can be honest in their responses without worrying about what others think.

For every question posed, real-time results are instantly available and updated continuously from the point of posting as fellow users weigh in.

"Zip - The Question Answer App lends itself to social media sharing, allowing users to engage with each other in a fun and new way," Militi said. "One of the many user benefits we incorporated when creating Zip was making sure it could be used in concert with other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Zip is a new content provider that supplements other social media to enhance the experience even further. We are already starting to see users share Zip question results to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posting 'now trending on Zip.'"

The key to Zip - The Question Answer App's ability to engage consumers, bringing terrestrial media and events into the palm of the user's hand, is the proprietary, patent-pending 'QuickCode.' Personalities, media and brands can request a personalized QuickCode for Zip to speak directly to their audience while obtaining real-time results and analytics to questions posed. A QuickCode is issued to consumers by a brand so they can instantly access a specific question that has been associated with the code. Each QuickCode becomes a unique code for the brand within Zip, and functions similarly to a branded channel to which consumers will also be able to subscribe. Zip offers a complimentary tool to enhance other social media platforms with analytics while allowing users to interact with their favorite personalities, brands and media. In fact, Zip - The Question Answer App is already being used by top radio stations in Los Angeles to engage with their audience via their unique QuickCodes.

Celebrities like Gretchen Christine Rossi, actress and creative director of the Gretchen Christine Collection, can't get enough of Zip.

"I have to admit, I am kind of addicted to this simple and fun app," Rossi said. "Now, if my fiancé Slade (Smiley) and I have a disagreement, I suggest that he Zips it."

Zip - The Question Answer App also recently launched a popular social media campaign that is quickly going viral. Some examples:

About Zip - The Question Answer App

Zip - The Question Answer App, created by San Diego-based technology think tank Crazy Raccoons, LLC, is a unique and fun social app that instantly settles friendly squabbles, arguments, debates and opinion-based questions by gathering responses from fellow users quickly and anonymously. Zip is revolutionizing the communications industry with its proprietary app, which allows for interactive, two-way communication between brands and personalities and their audience while also providing insightful analytics. More information at

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Zip - The Question Answer App gives you real results from real people in real time. A QuickCode is issued to consumers by a brand so they can instantly access a specific question that has been associated with the code.