O’actually Launches Indiegogo Campaign and Raises $15k+ in First Week

First Female-Led Adult Film Project on Indiegogo Offers Special Incentives as Gifts for People Who Contribute

BOSTON, Oct. 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- O’actually, a new adult content platform, focusing on enhancing women’s sexual pleasure, is having unprecedented success on the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform as they set out to produce three new film projects.                                                                                       

The company, once barred from all mainstream crowd-funding platforms because of their commitment to celebrating a highly-curated selection of adult films for women, is now set to prove that the world is ready and eager for more curated, high-quality erotic entertainment that caters to a female audience.

O’actually’s founder, Kit Murray Maloney, has an unwavering dedication to women’s pleasure. After struggling to find films that showcased scenarios from a female perspective, she decided to create her own.

O’actually’s wide range of sponsors, from the popular Erotica writers to world-renowned sex coaches and top industry brands championing women’s sexual pleasure, are rewarding contributors for their donations with perks that retail at a far higher value than their donation.  Sponsors include:  sensuality coach Nadia Munla, sex coach and upcoming show host Psalm Isadora, Taoist and Tantric specialist coach Layla Martin, coach Rachel Rofe, Uberlube, writer and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, My Little Yoni, and stylists including Julie Rath who styles men with her Next Level Style classes.

O’actually launched their campaign on October 8, to raise money for an in-house production wing to create the adult content women are craving. The campaign raised over $12k in the first 24 hours, breaking precedence and shattering previous beliefs that crowd-funding for such material was an impossibility.  

“O’actually is excited to combat the status quo in mainstream erotica, by changing what you can expect from adult content by creating beautiful films that showcase a diverse range of women’s fantasies and body types in our films," said O’actually’s founder, Kit Murray Maloney. "This way the women and men watching can easily feel good about themselves and each other while enjoying O’actually’s content.” 

Collaborators on the project are filmmaker Lex Sloane and adult performer and creative director Maxine Holloway, who will be helping write, direct, and produce the films.

For more information, please visit the campaign on Indiegogo.


Launched in February 2015, O’actually is a web-based platform and resource center celebrating women’s sexual pleasure. O’actually’s mission is to stimulate, inspire, and grow the movement for women’s sexual satisfaction around the world. Visit oactually.com to learn more.  Like O’actually on Facebook, and follow on Twitter @Oactually, and Instagram


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