US-China Nuclear Trade Agreement Produces American Jobs, Advances Safety

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A U.S.-China agreement on commercial nuclear energy cooperation has entered into force. The required congressional review period has ended, and the two governments have concluded diplomatic exchanges that set the agreement in motion. The agreement establishes the terms for commercial nuclear trade, research and technology exchanges between the countries as provided under Section 123 of the Atomic Energy Act. Following is a statement by Daniel S. Lipman, NEI's vice president for suppliers and international programs.

"The nuclear energy industry applauds the renewal of the U.S.-China agreement for nuclear energy cooperation. Through 2040, the direct economic benefit to the United States from this renewed agreement with China is expected to be between $70 billion and $204 billion, with 20,000 to 45,000 American jobs supported annually. In addition, this commercial relationship will help maintain U.S. influence on nuclear safety, security and nonproliferation. 
"To meet soaring electricity demand and address air quality and climate change challenges, China has 21 reactors under construction, including four based on a Westinghouse reactor design that has been standardized for many of China's planned nuclear energy facilities. Another 13 reactors are slated to begin construction by 2017. By 2030, China is expected to operate the largest nuclear energy program in the world with an installed electric generation capacity exceeding 133 gigawatts. U.S. technology and equipment exports and operational support will enable China to deploy the safest nuclear technologies to mitigate its carbon-dioxide emissions.
"The continued U.S. presence in China's nuclear energy market and China's adoption of U.S. technology and operating plant exchanges will deepen its relationship with the United States and advance international nuclear safety practices. The Obama administration deserves credit for recognizing the strategic and environmental value of renewing this agreement."


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