Vantage LED Is Disrupting a $24 Billion Outdoor Digital Signage Industry

Vantage LED, a manufacturer of innovative LED displays in California, flexed their muscle to propel themselves as a major player and disruptor in an industry of giants by breaking up the stagnation with feature-rich innovations, new standards, and a keen ear.

ONTARIO, CA--(Marketwired - December 08, 2015) - "I hate stagnation," stated Chris Ma, Founder and CEO of Vantage LED. "When I started in this industry, I was selling LED displays, and the company I worked for didn't want to make any real changes for the better. Also, they didn't give any genuine attention to sign companies that had great fact, no one does. So, I started my own company. It's time for a disruptor. Our industry deserves better."

After they incorporated a feature-rich cloud-based software, and more recently, the Vantage FLEX Product Line and Business Terms, Vantage LED found themselves tripling in size, out-growing their facilities, gaining loyal partners, and disrupting a stagnant outdoor digital signage industry.

Chris continued, "Vantage LED grew, because we simply listened."

The myths, concerns, and issues of the outdoor digital signage industry were still out there and needed to be addressed. They needed to be addressed now.

Chris Ma and the people behind Vantage LED create innovative solutions everyday because they listen and respond while other manufacturers react. It's what drives Vantage LED everyday. It's why their products are more attuned to the industry, and why their partners and vendors are more connected and loyal.

Chris stated, "Sign companies are tired of worrying. Worrying if the product will last, how much it will cost to repair, how to program it, the warranty, and terms; as well as worrying if the manufacturer will sell direct. These are merely opportunities for Vantage LED to grow."

In 2012, Vantage LED incorporated a feature-rich stand-alone cloud-based software which allows the user to control their LED sign from the Internet using their PC, Mac, mobile, or iPad. This eliminated software CDs, worrying about updates because cloudware is always up to date, and losing any data from a computer crash; it's all stored online. Plus, they integrated professional content creation, display status alerts, and automated Amber Alerts where local and federal governments can utilize the client's LED sign for community safety.

This past April, Vantage pushed their Product Line and Business Terms even further with Vantage FLEX introducing a new universal module and allowing dealer partners to flex their muscle when it comes to cash flow. Their new module allows the user to upgrade to tighter resolutions (up to 5mm), requires only 30% of power compared to most manufacturers, and broke the tired 5 year warranty mold. It comes with a 7 year parts warranty along with 7 years of onsite service.

Their FLEX Business Terms truly brings sign companies on-board as partners, because Vantage's ultimate goal is to grow together. They offer flexible deposits, net terms, warranties, and production times all to help the dealer maintain and handle their cash flow in order to grow their business.

"We won't stop innovating, but more importantly, we won't stop providing that excellent experience our partners come to expect. When they visit the factory, the product is the last thing we talk about. They meet with Chris and the teams, tour the facility, talk about their business growth, and then we eat together. We know our product will perform, but what's more important is the experience they walk away with," stated Kyle Carnes, Design Integrator at Vantage LED.

In the last five years, Vantage has grown from an 8,000 sq ft facility to a 150,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and campus. Last year, they provided (5) live video billboards for the 2014 Fan Fest events in Brazil during the World Cup.

Vantage LED's tagline is "Never an ordinary experience." It's proving that the concerns and worries they are solving are not only moving the industry forward and developing great partnerships, but labeling Vantage LED as a disruptor.

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