Cinsay Obtains Another U.S. Patent Grant for Hot Spots and Supplemental Information Within Video eCommerce Technology

Cinsay Receives an Additional U.S. Patent Titled 'Method and System for Generation and Playback of Supplemented Videos' Featuring Hot Spot Technology

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Dec 9, 2015) - Cinsay, the global leader in social video eCommerce syndicatable technology for web and mobile, has been granted, on December 8, 2015, another strategic U.S. patent for 'Method and System for Generation and Playback of Supplemented Videos,' U.S. Patent No. 9,210,472. The IP technology is another component to Cinsay's Smart Store™ platform as it relates to using hot spots in a video to provide additional information about products or services. This newest patent is one of many other patents for Cinsay's video eCommerce technology, which enable merchants to sell directly to consumers inside a video player.

Cinsay continues to grow its portfolio of intellectual property and pending patent applications that are key components to Cinsay's business model of hosting and delivering sharable, syndicatable videos in social networks with built-in eCommerce, donations, couponing and lead generation features.

According to Christian Briggs, president and CEO of Cinsay, "I'm very pleased with the pace of our ever increasing IP portfolio in and around video commerce of all types on any device and any social network."

"Watch. Shop. Share" is the theme of Cinsay's technology, and it sets the stage for the company's prioritizing, developing and evolving ecommerce technologies that create the next stage in WEB 3.0 eCommerce. The general technology described in the new patent addition, which is part of this next stage, is detailed below.

Patent No. 9,210,472 for a "Method and System for Generation and Playback of Supplemented Videos": Data associated with one or more hotspots of at least one video for a particular product or service is searched. The search is in response to receiving a request that includes a search term. The particular product or service corresponds to the search term. At least one video includes code configured to generate one or more supplemental interactive displays. The displays are configured to be displayed with a respective corresponding video. The displays are also, upon interaction, configured to allow a user to receive additional information about the one or more products or services displayed within the respective corresponding video, or initiate a transaction to purchase the one or more products or services displayed within the respective corresponding video. The displays include the one or more hotspots that are configured to partially overlay the (at least one) video. At least one time is identified within the (at least one) video that the particular product or service is depicted. At least one of a user selectable list or code configured to generate the user selectable list is generated. The user selectable list comprises at least one identifier of the at least one video and the at least one time that the particular product or service is depicted. The user selectable list is configured to be displayed to the user to allow the user to select the (at least one) video.

Cinsay continues to develop software and technology, which is leading next-generation ecommerce, transactions, interactions and social media for businesses and nonprofits.

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One or more of the following patents may protect Cinsay's software, systems, and/or services. U.S. Patent Nos. 7,840,415; 7,987,098; 8,312,486; 8,533,753; 8,549,555; 8,769,053; 8,782,690; 8,813,132; 8,893,173; 9,113,214; and 9,210,472. Visit for more information.

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