Cinsay Deploys Next Generation Shoppable Video Technology and Universal API

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Dec 15, 2015) -  Cinsay, the world leader in shoppable videos, has released an enhanced version of its highly successful video platform. The newly designed player and updated backend technology provides viewers a faster and more intuitive online experience as they Watch. Shop. Share.™ the player on the web, mobile and social network sites worldwide.

"Cinsay introduced the first and only transactional video player, and we have not stopped improving on it," said Christian Briggs, President and CEO of Cinsay, Inc. "Our newest software release takes the player to a level that is unmatched in the industry. 'Bigger and better' doesn't even begin to describe our video platform now. Merchants will love its enhanced performance and social media sharing capabilities for increasing sales, and consumers will love how easy and fun it makes shopping online."

Cinsay's newest software release (4.0) includes a new user interface for its Transactional Video player, which provides users with a smoother, more intuitive look and feel. Completely refactored code enhances performance, stability, security, extensibility and share-ability. These enhancements make the Cinsay Transactional Video Player the most powerful transactional video platform on the internet! Closed captioning capabilities will be added, allowing Cinsay clients to provide same language and alternate language subtitles for any uploaded video in coming weeks.

Responsive Video Store:
The debut of the new Transactional Video platform provides a responsive video player, which resizes itself according to the page or device in which it is deployed. While the base dimensions (704x396 pixels) are standard for Cinsay's HD video player, our platform will adjust to any inputted size, correctly maintaining the aspect ratio and perfectly adjusting the size of the video store to the space provided, so that images and videos are never distorted in smaller or larger video stores. This makes it easier than ever to deploy the video store to responsive web sites and apps. Wherever you need to show it, the Cinsay Transactional Video player will fit! This is the world's first fluid transactional video player.

Video store Interface:
Modern! Crisp! Beautiful! A game changer! are some the ways Cinsay's new Transactional Video Store interface has been described! Cinsay now offers a single video store configuration for all clients. In order to provide the best viewing experience, all the controls are hidden while watching the video. Cursor mouse over or tapping the video will call up the controls: volume, full screen, pause/start and fast forward and reverse. An icon is displayed during normal viewing to call up the Watch. Shop. Share.™ fly out, from which users may select more videos, buy products and services and share with their friends. These are now located on the right and overlay the video while it plays; this offers maximum exposure with minimal impact on the viewing experience.

Faster, more responsive and brighter than Ever
The new Cinsay transactional video store is indeed "faster than ever" with up to 300% faster load times! Cinsay has broken the speed barrier in many ways with this new 3.0 technology.

The following fixes and improvements are also deployed with this release in both video player and backend Dashboard.

  • When "Limit one item per customer" rule is switched on, it now includes all variations of a product into the limit.
  • Response of the MyCinsay marketplace to inventory changes is dramatically improved.
  • SSM Dashboard eCommerce reports are in now printable and display detailed order data.
  • The activity map in SSM Dashboard Statistics page now changes dynamically with locale selection.
  • Order error messages now differentiate between "Out of Stock," and "Insufficient Stock" to help customers realize they may be able to continue their order with a lesser quantity.
  • Shipping data submission issue with certain Safari versions eliminated.
  • Dashboard SSM login language selector now localized for Russian users.
  • Response speed for statistics and orders reporting has been greatly improved.
  • Mobile player scrolling on Android devices provides a much better user experience.
  • Inventory management update speed has been drastically increased.
  • Closed Caption and Subtitles are forth coming.

Cinsay's Transactional Video Store will help any merchant reach customers around the world! Cinsay's merchants will be able to add subtitles to their videos, by uploading and associating an SRT (SubRip Subtitle) file to any uploaded video in the system. Any merchant using Cinsay can turn on closed captioning for any supported language. This broadens the worldwide reach of merchants products and services in the Cinsay Transactional Video player, while keeping production costs at a minimum. Which languages are supported? Any! Cinsay's clients are free to offer subtitles in any language!

To learn more about Cinsay's new software release and to see examples of the new player, visit our website at, where you can read in detail about this and previous software enhancements.

Austin-based Cinsay has created the first multi-patented social ecommerce, consumer interactive, video-based platform for any size business. Cinsay's syndicatable video platform enables anyone to sell products, services, generate leads, display printable coupons, and take donations or political contributions all inside its multi-patented video player. Along with being the premiere video commerce provider for small and medium businesses, Cinsay is adding new exclusive content channels for sports, music, movies and products aligned with partners including Andretti Autosport via, and and Mario Andretti via

Forbes named Cinsay one of "America's Most Promising Companies" while eTail Conferences named Cinsay a "Rising Star in innovation" for 2012. Red Herring also selected Cinsay for the "Top 100 Companies in North America" for 2014. Cinsay's eCommerce video-based platform can be used for any individual or business. For more information, please visit or call 855-725-2462 TOLL-FREE.

One or more of the following patents may protect Cinsay's software, systems, and/or services. U.S. Patent Nos. 7,840,415; 7,987,098; 8,312,486; 8,533,753; 8,549,555; 8,769,053; 8,782,690; 8,813,132; 8,893,173; and 9,113,214.

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