Massage Therapy Helps Manage Pain and Stress, Says Reimer Chiropractic and Massage Wellness Center

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Jan. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With many New Year’s resolutions focused on health and wellness, Reimer Wellness Center is educating patients about how regular massage therapy can enhance whole-body health through stress relief and natural pain management. The Los Altos certified massage therapists at Reimer Wellness Center offer deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point massage and sports massage. Benefits of regular massage treatments include calming the central nervous system, removing toxins from the body, improving blood and lymph flow, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body and improved posture/flexibility.

“Massage is one of the oldest therapies renowned around the world for its many health benefits,” says Dr. Mary Reimer. “Here in the United States, we sometimes have a misconception that massage is a luxury reserved for day spas. In reality, massage is an integral part of finding relief from chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, as well as managing stress. Thanks to massage therapy, many of our patients are able to achieve real pain relief without the need for medication.”

"Pain and muscle tension are a direct result of chronic, daily stress," says Dr. Reimer. "When the body internalizes this stress in the connective tissue, this creates tension that can restrict mobility and lead to pain. By relaxing the muscles, massage alleviates stress and tension, improves flexibility and can also improve the body’s response to chiropractic treatments.”

The Los Altos chiropractor recommends deep tissue massage as a treatment option for patients with chronic pain and tension. During a deep tissue massage treatment, the massage therapist will use deep, slow and sustained pressure to release tensions and correct dysfunctional movement patterns. Kneading the muscle tissue helps to bring natural fluidity and movement back to the body.

For patients who have sustained sports injuries or who are training for an upcoming athletic event, Dr. Reimer recommends specialized sports massage therapy.

“When we exercise, tiny tears can occur within the muscle fiber,” states Dr. Reimer. “Following exercise, these tears must be repaired in order to build stronger muscles. Muscle injuries occur when the tears are not properly repaired, increasing the risk for further injury. Overtraining can also lead to injury risk. Sports massage addresses both of these problems. Sports massage keeps the joints lubricated and flushes out toxins, such as lactic acid, that can block the healing process." Massaging sore or stiff muscles enhances a patient’s overall sense of wellbeing.

“After treatment, our patients report feeling calm and centered,” says Dr. Reimer. “They have more energy to focus on daily tasks and sleep better at night. They also feel less stress and muscle tension.”

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