Attivo Networks Deception Solution Featured in SC Magazine Review

Company's Deception Platform and Deception Luring Technologies Recognized for Comprehensiveness, Ease of Use, and Maximum Effectiveness

FREMONT, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 8, 2016) - Attivo Networks®, the leader in deception for cyber security threat detection, has been recognized as "a deception solution not to be left off of your list" in this month's product review published by SC Magazine.

The review highlighted the Attivo Networks ability to provide a critical layer of cybersecurity defense that provides the most comprehensive deception platform for threat detection, along with rapid deployment, ease of use, and in-depth forensic reporting. It recognized the company's dynamic deception platform, which in real-time detects intrusions that have bypassed other prevention solutions and are mounting their attacks inside the network, data center, cloud or SCADA network. Not reliant on signatures or attack pattern look up, Attivo uses high-interaction BOTsink engagement servers, decoys, and deception lures to attract and engage BOTs/APTs, providing substantiated actionable alerts and the required forensics to quarantine and block an attacker. The report recognized Attivo Network's impressive range of deception lures including the support for multiple versions of Linux and Windows. It also cited how the BOTsink engagement server provides detailed malware analysis, has a clear and concise dashboard, and integrates with VirusTotal and other SIEM solutions. In the report, Attivo was recognized for the comprehensiveness of its deception platform. The company and continues to expand its offerings and its latest release, announced its ability to detect all types of cyber attacks including phishing and ransomware attacks.

"We were very pleased to be featured in this review," acknowledged Tushar Kothari, CEO of Attivo Networks. "It was extremely comprehensive and complimentary about the many features and benefits that are important to our entire client list, and particularly our many Fortune customers. The fact that we can be deployed in under 30 minutes coupled with our unique ability to scale to networks of any size is particularly valuable to them."

The report points out that the BOTsink deception solution easily integrates with third parties to provides advanced attack analysis and enables quick quarantining and blocking of attackers. Attivo recently announced integrations with McAfee® Network Security and Juniper Networks.

"This is a very complex tool," noted SC Magazine's reviewer Peter Stephenson. "It does a lot, it does it in significant detail and it provides lots of output. For all of that, it is not a tremendously complicated tool to deploy or use."

"We liked this tool," Stephenson added. "And we were impressed by its comprehensive capabilities." He points out that the solution's ability to add SCADA protection was impressive. "It was just an indication that this is a well thought-out implementation by company that has been around since 2011."

He concluded by saying, "If you have a network with a target printed on it, you really need tools such as BOTsink to stay ahead of the bad guys."

For more information or a demonstration, visit Attivo Networks at this year's RSA conference in San Francisco February 29 - March 4. Booth #3022 in the South Expo Hall.

About Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks® is the leader in dynamic deception technology, which in real-time detects intrusions inside the network, data center, and cloud before the data is breached. Leveraging high-interaction deception techniques, the Attivo BOTsink® Solution lures BOTs and APTs to reveal themselves, without generating false positives. Designed for efficiency, there are no dependencies on signatures, database lookup or heavy computation to detect and defend against cyber threats. Attivo solutions capture full forensics and provide the threat intelligence to shut down current and protect against future attacks.