Ving Unveils Productivity Enhancing Communications Engagement Platform for HR Professionals

Trackable Digital Information Packets, Real-Time Analytics Dashboard, and Engagement Feedback Boost Employee Productivity and Compliance

YOUNGSTOWN, OH--(Marketwired - Feb 10, 2016) - Ving, a communications and engagement tool for enterprises, has launched a new cloud-based offering that enables Human Resource professionals to make better data driven business decisions. Ving provides a dashboard of information to help HR managers better understand engagement levels of employees; more efficiently create, distribute and track employee acknowledgement of policies and procedures, and track and ensure HR compliance.

Information sharing is the core of what makes businesses hum and thrive. Yet according to Deloitte's 2015 Global Human Capital Trends survey, employees are increasingly overloaded with information and overwhelmed by multiple channels of communication. More than 100 billion emails are exchanged every day, yet only one in seven is critically important. In this too-much-information era, HR executives are faced with the challenge of ensuring employees not only receive important communications, but pay attention to them.

With Ving, employee communications and HR departments can creatively optimize the way they share information, such as company policies, safety regulations, and training and onboarding materials, while tracking engagement and providing feedback.

Ving's integrated, easy-to-use platform combines file sharing, audio, video, surveys and message engagement tracking capabilities. Ving's "digital content packets," allow users to embed and share important, actionable content via an individual's chosen platform of communications -- e.g. email, messaging, and social network. The analytics dashboard enables users to track how recipients interact with that content. Messages can be delivered in multiple visual formats and repeated and tracked over time. By providing visibility into how effective a particular approach is, users can identify the best type of medium and/or content to use, to optimize information sharing engagement.

"Information overload is creating an enormous communications engagement gap," said Tony DeAscentis, CEO of Ving. "The trick is to quickly get a grip on how big your gap is and close it before it's too late to mitigate corporate risk or take proactive actions targeted at ensuring employee engagement with critical company information."

  • High-Engagement Digital "Packets"

Ving users can effortlessly create customized communications packets to share with others the elements they believe will get the best results, including video, audio, images, documents and surveys. Ving enables users to select either a single approach or the best combination of tools or media (e.g. audio, video, etc.) and effortlessly integrate each element into their communications. Users can more effectively create communications that foster better engagement, and empower employees to be informed and prepared.

  • Trackable and Measurable

The Ving platform includes a personal dashboard that proactively puts the individual in the driver's seat for their communications and collaboration. Each user's dashboard provides immediate and specific on-demand feedback on levels of engagement and compliance for all shared information and all individual viewers. This provides the kind of analytics needed to understand how engaged users are with your content, and what approaches work or don't work. Individual creators can use data-driven insights (into context, content response and collaboration) to learn how to proactively improve their Ving and the resulting behaviors of viewers.

  • Reusable and Responsive

Vings can be reused multiple times to maximize efficiency and results. They can be deactivated on demand, and are automatically tracked and analyzed in the Ving dashboard. The analytics dashboard provides metrics on what elements succeeded in fostering greater engagement, enabling the creator to reuse the Ving that garnered the best results.

Ving is currently available as a Gmail plug in through the Chrome Web store.

About Ving
Ving is the communications engagement platform that enables organizations to increase productivity and accountability by eliminating the confusion and lack of responsiveness that often exists between sender and receiver when sharing important information. Ving enables people to more effectively create, share, act upon, and track the critical information they need as they perform their day-to-day tasks.

Ving's dashboard and its real-time analytics provide specific data-driven insights on the levels of engagement and compliance with each element or piece of information that is shared within a communication -- a video recording, a survey, a photo. This feedback enables individuals to continuously improve the way they share information to get better results from their workplace communications. Ving "digital packets" are the means by which user-created information (a video, survey, photo, file) is embedded and then transmitted via an individual's chosen platform of communications (email, messaging, social network). Accessible from any device, every Ving is intelligent, reusable and responsive. They are reusable as templates, can be deactivated on demand and are automatically tracked and analyzed in the dashboard.

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