Platform liberates siloed data, provides global view of relationships across the continuum, and empowers rapid application development for value-based care, optimal reimbursement, and streamlined workflow


PASADENA, Calif., Feb. 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NextGate, the leading healthcare technology company for patient and provider identification, today announced the release of iDAS (Intelligent Data Aggregation Server), a breakthrough in enterprise person identification, data relationship management and rapid application development.

Designed for the new data requirements of accountable care and population health, iDAS builds on NextGate's industry-leading EMPI platform – ranked No. 1 in KLAS and providing identity matching for 175 million patients – to help provider organizations, ACOs, medical practices and insurers organize, unite, and maximize the value of data residing in disparate applications and data platforms. iDAS does this by monitoring existing message traffic and building aggregated "views" of patient data and events. By transforming siloed data into aggregated events, iDAS provides quick answers to critical questions that would otherwise require multiple steps to uncover, such as:

  • Who is on the patient's care team for this specific visit?
  • Where do I send test results and critical information?
  • What occurred during a previous encounter at a different facility?
  • Who is the patient's primary care provider so I can notify them of a transition to a different care setting?
  • What are the patient's consent requirements?

"iDAS delivers the technical framework that's essential to providing population health management and value based care across an organization, a network or a community of care," said Andy Aroditis, CEO and co-founder of NextGate. "Our EMPI perfected the matching of duplicate patient records. Now iDAS takes that ability to the next level by relating providers, organizations, events and other information pertinent to the patient, enabling a global view of the care process across the continuum and over time."

How iDAS Works

The iDAS platform leverages social network technology similar to that used by Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon, to automatically link and organize enterprise information into useable and insightful servings.

Beyond mapping all patient-provider relationships across the continuum, the iDAS solution framework also helps to simplify and enable data governance processes as organizations merge, acquire and form partnerships to support accountable care, pay-for-performance, precision medicine and other emerging trends. This elevated level of compliance and data quality mitigates confusion and uncertainty that often causes re-work and patient safety issues.

Since 2005, NextGate has helped some of the nation's largest hospitals and health systems to identify, correlate, and organize data for more accurate and insightful care delivery and collaboration. iDAS represents the combination of these proven technologies into a single solution framework, managed and monitored by a consistent user experience.

iDAS includes:

  • Enterprise Master Patient Index for patient matching
  • Provider & Organization Registry for consistent provider information
  • XDS Registry & Repository for clinical document exchange and consent management
  • Event and Relation Registry for defining relationships between data elements
  • NextGate Messaging Server for standard and custom integration
  • Workflow and Task Manager for automated processing and governance

"NextGate has spent the past decade developing our platform to help ensure confident data exchange across diverse application systems," said Aroditis. "iDAS takes the next step by aggregating and linking data, then making that data available through open API's so organizations can quickly and easily develop targeted, value-based applications to improve care delivery and operations. That, in turn, will drive decision making that is timely, meaningful and provides cost savings and greater value to patients and organizations."

See iDAS at HIMSS16

NextGate will showcase iDAS at the HIMSS16 annual conference in Las Vegas, February 28-March 3, in booth #8014.

Download White Paper on iDAS

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) have failed to deliver the level of interoperability needed to meet the regulatory and business requirements of healthcare. New strategies are required to address these trends and ensure better care and a better patient experience at lower cost.

A new white paper, "How to Transform Healthcare by Organizing Data Intelligently around People, Places, and Events," provides a blueprint for overcoming the challenges of interoperability.
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About NextGate

NextGate uses its market-leading expertise in entity identity management to connect the healthcare ecosystem by accurately identifying and linking patient and provider data. NextGate's KLAS category-leading EMPI technology currently manages more than 175 million lives. It is deployed by the nation's most successful healthcare systems and health information exchanges. This technology helps organizations deliver higher quality, better care coordination and clinical efficiencies. To learn more, visit


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