Halitron, Inc. Acquires ArchivalPhotoPages.com

Company Completes Fourth Acquisition of 2016

NEWTOWN, CT--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2016) - Halitron, Inc. (OTC: HAON), an equity holding company implementing a roll-up of sales, marketing, and manufacturing businesses, today is excited to announce the acquisition of ArchivalPhotoPages, a leading direct marketing brand, from Plastic Retail Displays, LLC.

ArchivalPhotoPages is a brand that primarily sells archival-grade scrapbooking supplies like photo albums, photo pages, genealogy, stamp, and coin storage products that help preserve valuable contents for an extended period of time. The brand's target customer base includes scrapbookers, ancestry, and genealogy clubs along with pro-sumer photographers. In an asset acquisition, Halitron acquired a customer list totaling over 148,682 customers, the www.archivalphotopages.com website, and digital artwork files utilized for print and email blast campaigns. 

Eliazar Valdez Rosales, General Manager of Plastic Retail Displays, LLC, commented, "The ArchivalPhotoPages brand competes in the very large billion-dollar scrapbooking market with strong customer product loyalty. Additionally, just like with the previous acquisitions, most of the products sold can be manufactured at our recently acquired manufacturing plant, PRD Holdings, Inc., which enhances our total gross margins." 

In the asset acquisition of ArchivalPhotoPages, Halitron also acquired equipment, molds & dies, raw material, finished goods and valuable know-how within a very talented management team and employee base to produce goods with high quality at low costs. Halitron acquired the brand, ArchivalPhotoPages, in an asset sale from Plastic Retail Displays, LLC, for a total purchase of $1,684,606; paid $316,491 in a short-term note payable and $1,368,114 paid via the issuance of 195,444,903 in restricted common stock valued at $.007 per share, which was the close price on March 28, 2016. The total purchase price was calculated based on an eight times multiple of adjusted EBITDA over the previous 12 months or $210,576.

Halitron's CEO Bernard Findley expressed his reason for the acquisition. "ArchivalPhotoPages competes in a very large market with loyal customers and provides the path for us to capitalize on the fast-growing digital scrapbooking space," he stated. "We are actively evaluating digital scrapbooking and how we can leverage our current customer base with new products; especially digital life-story products like Facebook, Instagram, Ancestry.com, and Myheritage.com."

Mr. Findley added, "Halitron now owns NDG Holdings Inc., a digital marketing company (acquired Jan '15), PRD Holdings Inc., a Mexican based factory (acquired Feb '16), two niche brands, PiecesInPlaces (acquired Feb '16), ArchivalMuseumSupplies (acquired Mar '16), and ArchivalPhotoPages (acquired Mar '16). The base business model is in full operations with strong digital marketing, efficient manufacturing, and well-known brands in niche markets. Management is actively seeking out additional acquisitions to roll into its infrastructure and leverage the foundation that has been created."

ArchivalPhotoPages is the seventh acquisition since 2015 and the fourth acquisition in 2016. Halitron is on a run rate to generate over $10M in sales over the next three years, including its current pipeline of acquisitions.

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