Integral Ad Science Validated as Digital Advertising Assurance Provider by Trustworthy Accountability Group

DAAP Validation for Anti-Piracy Services Adds to Integral's Unmatched Brand Safety and Fraud Protection Capabilities

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2016) - Integral Ad Science, the leader in quantifying digital media quality, today announced it has been validated as a Digital Advertising Assurance Provider (DAAP) for its anti-piracy capabilities by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an advertising industry initiative to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain.

TAG's anti-piracy program helps prevent ad placement on websites that facilitate the distribution of pirated content and/or the illegal dissemination of counterfeit goods. Through the program, providers of anti-piracy tools and services can be validated as DAAPs by independent third parties in coordination with TAG. Integral met all criteria for DAAP validation, which include:

  • Identifying "ad risk entities" (AREs)
  • Preventing advertisements on undesired ad risk entities
  • Detecting, preventing or disrupting fraudulent or deceptive transactions
  • Monitoring and assessing the compliance of ad placements
  • Eliminating payments to undesired ad risk entities

"Integral has a history of developing innovative solutions that help marketers and agencies avoid damage to their brands," said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. "It is very fitting that Integral is among the first to receive DAAP certification and help TAG build a cleaner advertising ecosystem."

Integral has been a strong supporter of TAG's anti-piracy program from its launch early last year. In gaining DAAP certification, Integral has showcased its industry-leading capabilities to identify as well as appropriately evaluate brand risk from issues like piracy.

The breadth of Integral's media analysis is unparalleled. The company processes more than 3 billion impressions daily, which allows it to create actionable advertising insights that combine with its proprietary tech solutions to offer brands and agencies the best fraud protection and media quality in the industry.

"Online piracy and the sale of counterfeit goods is a challenge, but it can be overcome by putting transparency and accountability front and center," said David Hahn, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Integral Ad Science. "Achieving DAAP certification is another step toward our goal of helping brands overcome obstacles that unnecessarily put their valuable reputation at risk."

About Integral Ad Science
Integral Ad Science is a technology company focused on ensuring safe, quality media environments for online advertisers. Employing the industry's only media valuation platform, Integral Ad Science evaluates the media environment and establishes a TRAQ Score (TRue Advertising Quality), a first-of-its-kind, quantifiable measure of media quality that ultimately benefits every media buyer, seller, publisher and trading platform. TRAQ Score supports an advertiser's ability to plan, execute and target their audience in an environment that reflects their brand image and drives ROI, while simultaneously setting benchmarks for publishers who wish to improve the quality of their content and design to attract premium advertisers. Integral is headquartered in New York with operations in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, London, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Singapore and Paris. Learn more at

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