Twentyseven Global Announces 5-Year 44 Percent Compound Annual Growth

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwired - Apr 12, 2016) - Twentyseven Global was founded in April of 2008 on the principle of offering high quality software development talent to the small and midsize business market to solve IT talent shortage problems. The company aims to help high-growth companies create and sustain competitive advantage through the use of information technology. Today, Twentyseven Global stands six times as big as it was in 2010, experiencing a 44 percent compound annual growth rate between 2010 and 2015.

Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global, said, "Our premise that there is unmet demand for quality software development services in the mid-market has proven to be true. We've had the opportunity to work with some great companies."

In a blog from the company, Twentyseven Global discussed how its combination of onshore and offshore development has solved increasing IT shortages in Kansas City and Denver. Midsized companies are currently being forced to spend heavily on recruiting firms, hire expensive consulting boutiques or risk handing over their projects to hard to manage offshore teams.

Roatch said, "Over the next couple of years we are going to see incredible wage pressure in IT. While that means we will have to compete for local talent, the IT wage pressure will actually benefit us. Companies are going to be drawn to our unique onshore/offshore business model, where we are able to source high quality software engineering teams while leveraging our onshore management and consulting expertise to make the projects successful."

The local onshore teams have the project management, architecture, consulting and quality control skills required to make projects successful, while the offshore team has an ample supply of software development talent. Often times with traditional offshore firms, clients are offered little to no local project management, or worse, have their projects staffed with brand new project managers or freelance developers.

Twentyseven Global has cultivated a partnership with its offshore team in Vietnam for more than six years. The company has access to over 2,000 software developers in Vietnam and visits on a regular basis to work on methodologies, deliverable templates and tools, as well as overall business culture. This helps to create a team atmosphere between the onshore and offshore offices. Learn more about the team in Vietnam.

Some of the company's most recent accomplishments include helping develop custom applications for Play-it Health and Happy Food Co. Twentyseven Global partnered with Play-it Health to create its health tech mobile application, Plan-it Med, through the company's startup program, Factory 27. Plan-it Med is making waves in the digital health industry and is currently being piloted with different hospitals across the nation to evaluate the app's effectiveness. For Happy Food Co., Twentyseven Global helped build out the Eat Well Platform, which is a custom web-based application that enables customers to join as members, browse menu items, select and reserve meal packages and then pay for them.

Looking to the future, Roatch has the bar set high in order to keep Twentyseven Global a leader in the technology industry.

Roatch said, "Maintaining this rate of growth is challenging but exciting. We see no signs of a slowdown. We are fortunate to have an outstanding team and sustaining clients who grow each year and are happy to refer us to new clients."

About Twentyseven Global: Twentyseven Global is a global custom software engineering company with offices in Kansas City, Denver and Vietnam. The firm combines experienced on-site leadership with its offshore development center to produce exceptional results. Twentyseven Global aims to help high-growth companies create and sustain competitive advantage through the use of information technology.

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