Sionix Corporation Announces Completion of Water Reclamation Facility in Montana

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Apr 12, 2016) - Sionix Corporation (OTCQB: SINX) reported April 5, 2016 that it has successfully financed, built and started operations in a facility to treat, reclaim and market production and flowback water from crude oil production and fracking in the Bakken Shale.

The plant, located in Culbertson, Montana, employs Sionix's proprietary patented Dissolved Air Flotation technology in combination with hydrocarbon separation, pH control, chemistry, flocculation, filtration and biocide treatment to treat both flowback brines from fracking and produced water from existing wells. In addition to process equipment, the physical plant includes heated tank storage, enclosed process and laboratory buildings, on-site water wells and multiple truck loading/unloading stations with convenient highway access at the junction of Montana State Highway 16 and U.S. Highway 2.

A new entity, Sionix Oilfield Solutions, LLC ("SOS") was formed to build and operate the plant under a License from Sionix Corporation. Sionix is the majority owner of SOS. A shareholder in Sionix, Steelworks Investments Limited, provided $1.365 million in funding for the project. Steelworks will own 39% of SOS. The plant facility is leased by SOS from a subsidiary of Steelworks.

"We are fortunate and gratified to have a shareholder and partner who supported the Company's strategic initiative during this difficult period. Steelworks has been instrumental in achieving this milestone", said Jim Alexander, a long term member of the Board of Directors of Sionix Corporation.

Rex Crick, General Manager of Sionix Oilfield Solutions, remarked, "We are excited to be in operation with an experienced, local staff and the ability to meet our customers' requirements for fresh and treated water for well maintenance, drilling and reuse in fracking. We are logistically well positioned to serve customers in the Bakken fields of Montana and North Dakota and meet their quality requirements at a reduced all-in water cost. We would not have been able to meet our startup and production goals were it not for the local support including Roosevelt County commissioners, Culbertson City Council, and local business leaders."

About Sionix Corporation Sionix designs, constructs and operates innovative water treatment systems based on a range of technologies, including its proprietary patented Dissolved Air Flotation System. While the Company is concentrating on treatment of fracking and production water from gas and oil operations, it continues to explore applications in manufacturing, energy, agriculture, food processing and municipal utilities. For more information about Sionix's new water reclamation facility and details of the financing, please review its Report on form 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 6, 2016, including the exhibits thereto which can be obtained at the SEC website or by requesting it from the Company's CEO, Henry Sullivan, at the contact info below.

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