Integral Ad Science Wins I-COM Data Science Hackathon and Awarded I-COM Smart Data Marketing Technology Company 2016

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 28, 2016) - Integral Ad Science, the leader in quantifying digital media quality, today announced it won the prestigious Master Level I-COM Data Science Hackathon and was awarded the I-COM Smart Data Marketing Technology Company of the Year 2016. Winners were announced at the I-COM Awards Gala on April 19 during the I-COM Global Summit.

"Integral Ad Science demonstrated to I-COM's juries, through a great submission to the I-COM Data Creativity Awards and in winning the Data Science Hackathon, that they deserve the title of I-COM's 2016 Smart Data Marketing Technology Company of the Year," said Andreas Cohen, Chairman, I-COM Global.

This year's hackathon competition featured 14 teams from top data-led marketing companies and was sponsored by Unilever and Twitter. The competition centered around a real-life marketing challenge on the ability to take a year's worth of Twitter feed data and identify and forecast Twitter hashtag trends. After each team created a model for predicting the next trend, it was compared to real 2016 data, with Integral's team achieving the highest rate of accuracy at 86 percent.

Integral's team for the I-COM Data Science Hackathon was formed by Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer Kiril Tsemekhman. As the only global competition testing the forefront of intelligent data marketing, the I-COM Hackathon presents a unique opportunity to promote greater understanding, appreciation and recognition of data science in the marketing industry.

"This award drives home what we already believed, that Integral Ad Science has the world's best data science team," said Tsemekhman. "Our team has proven we are data leaders and stand at the forefront of intelligent, data-driven marketing. We will continue to leverage our talents to the benefit of our clients and partners."

Integral's constant data-led innovation is validated by being awarded the I-COM Smart Data Marketing Technology Company of the Year 2016. Integral's proprietary technology drives the industry toward realizing the full potential of online advertising. The company operates by placing data science at its core, and the company's breadth of analytics unlocks insights into impactful advertising decisions. 

"Our team of data scientists is second to none, and we will continue to utilize our premier talent to deliver the best opportunity for marketers to tell their advertising stories," said Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science. "Receiving both awards speaks volumes and will fuel us to continue to deliver leading data-led marketing solutions." 

As a result of winning the I-COM Data Science Hackathon, the Integral Ad Science Data Science team will be invited by Unilever to explore further collaboration.

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Integral Ad Science is a technology company focused on ensuring safe, quality media environments for online advertisers. Employing the industry's only media valuation platform, Integral Ad Science evaluates the media environment and establishes a TRAQ Score (TRue Advertising Quality), a first-of-its-kind, quantifiable measure of media quality that ultimately benefits every media buyer, seller, publisher and trading platform. TRAQ Score supports an advertiser's ability to plan, execute and target their audience in an environment that reflects their brand image and drives ROI, while simultaneously setting benchmarks for publishers who wish to improve the quality of their content and design to attract premium advertisers. Integral is headquartered in New York with operations in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, London, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Singapore and Paris. Learn more at

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