Hopewell Promotes Assessments and Tours During May Mental Health Awareness Month

MESOPOTAMIA, Ohio, May 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hopewell therapeutic farm for people with mental illness is promoting tours and assessments for residential candidates during Mental Health Awareness Month in May, according to Rick Karges, Executive Director/CEO.

"Here is a chance for persons seeking help on their caregivers to determine whether Hopewell is the right place for them. People in northeast Ohio can take a nice ride in the country and visit our farm including our Farm & Craft market," said Karges. "The proceeds from market sales help to support our residents and the breakthrough work we do to find better ways to deal with mental illness."

Outcomes studies since 2006 have shown the effectiveness of Hopewell's program, a model that incorporates a bio-psycho-social orientation to promote wellness and sustained recovery. The healing power of nature, meaningful work and community – along with a caring and high-quality staff – have led to Hopewell's unique model of mental health care that successfully promotes self-worth, self-confidence and a greater independence for adults dealing with mental illness.

The "Hopewell Model" actually is a newer version of an old methodology called "moral treatment." Dating back to the early 1800's in Europe, the concept of moral treatment focused on treating individuals with equality and respect within the context of a healthy living and learning environment. People with mental illness are able to express their feelings and views freely, as well as actively participate in decisions affecting their lives. This is the basis of today's "therapeutic community."

Within a therapeutic community the community itself becomes a catalyst for positive change. At Hopewell individuals with mental illness are able to heal and thrive within a compassionate supportive community. As contributing members of that community, they build their self-esteem and learn the skills necessary for more independent living after discharge.

At Hopewell, such skill-building is paired with comprehensive mental health treatment for maximum results. Hopewell's highly-trained clinical team provides a variety of therapies that have been proven to be successful in treating a range of mental health conditions. These therapies include psychiatric medication management, group counseling, creative expression, equine-assisted learning and horsemanship, nature studies, meditation, spirituality, education (high school diploma program and GED preparation), money management, independent living skills (meal planning, shopping, cooking, healthy living) and interpersonal relationship skills. Job-readiness is emphasized and residents develop vocational skills in their daily work, which may include the resident operated, on-site Farm and Craft Market and wood shop.

About Hopewell

Hopewell is a 300-acre residential working farm located in Mesopotamia, Ohio, where adults with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression learn to manage their mental illness and return to independent life. Hopewell is the only therapeutic farm community in Ohio. It is ODMHAS-licensed and CARF-accredited. Hopewell is a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the American Residential Treatment Association. Information, tours and assessments are available by contacting Daniel Horne, Clinical Director, at 440.426.2009 or by email at dhorne@hopewell.cc. Visit www.hopewellcommunity.org.


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