New Enterprise Telemedicine Enablement Platform to Launch at ATA

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This week, a new enterprise telemedicine and digital content enablement platform will be unveiled at the American Telemedicine Association Annual Conference and Trade Show in Minneapolis, MN (May 14-17). 

Language Access Network’s (LAN) proven, industry-leading Martti™ video remote interpretation technology is combining with the power of the Carenection Telehealth Delivery Network to create an enterprise telemedicine and digital content platform. This platform will serve leading health systems, hospitals and other healthcare venues. Together, LAN and Carenection currently have more than 500 hospitals on-network, upwards of 5,000 video endpoints in market and provide more than 60,000 encounters monthly.

“This merger of these two industry forces truly creates telemedicine 3.0, a truly unified solution,” said James Edwards, CEO of LAN and Carenection. “This platform represents our belief that hospitals should have multiple specialties available through a care team approach, on a single platform at the push of a button.”

Through a combination of innovative technology, superior connectivity, strong partnerships and amazing people, this unified platform will offer hospitals the ability to access multiple specialties with a single push of a button. The platform connects patients and providers over a HIPAA-compliant private path broadband network specifically designed for delivering telemedicine services and optimized for high-quality, secure communications. 

One push. One platform. One partner. 

For hospitals and providers, it’s everything they need to launch and manage telemedicine and digital content initiatives and position themselves for success in the new era of care delivery. 

For content and application providers, it’s a readymade market for services and materials, all delivered over a secure platform that ensures better quality of service from end to end. With this new enterprise telemedicine and digital content distribution platform, it is possible to simultaneously be a consumer and provider of telemedicine services.


Founded in 2003, LAN revolutionized the delivery of medical language services. Thirteen years later, LAN is still an industry innovator and provides more than 60,000 clinical interpretation consults to patients and providers each month.

LAN employs its own certified video medical interpreters who are available 24/7/365 to provide the most secure and HIPAA-compliant communication from LAN-operated U.S. language centers. More than 250 languages (including American Sign Language) are offered with nearly 60 languages available in video — the largest video offering in the industry. Through Martti, LAN interpreters have provided more than 17.5 million minutes of medical interpretation to upwards of one million patients.

More than 500 partner hospitals rely on LAN to break down language and cultural barriers empowering medical providers to speak freely, quickly and easily with patients who are Limited English Proficient or Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing. LAN has helped hospitals, clinics and other healthcare venues across the country positively impact quality, patient and provider satisfaction, compliance, patient throughput and financial performance while simultaneously reducing risk, unnecessary testing and wasted time.

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Carenection combines its best in class private path broadband network optimized for telehealth applications with a unified telehealth platform and the first of its kind provider marketplace to make it as easy as possible for health systems, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare venues nationwide to access specialists and other types of support for clinical encounters. 

Hospitals do not need multiple technology platforms to work with multiple telemedicine service providers, just one: the Carenection Telehealth Delivery Network™ (CTDN). All the providers a hospital needs are delivered over the most secure and HIPAA compliant network available and over a platform that allows one touch access to the specialty of your choice.

Carenection is one of the most widely utilized telehealth market networks in the country, delivering over 60,000 encounters per month over 4,000 video endpoints connected to more than 500 hospitals nationwide. 

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