Cycliq Announces Availability of Fly12 Headlight and HD Action Camera

Features iPhone & Android Companion Apps, Strava Integration, Bike Alarm

Leederville, Australia, May 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cycliq, maker of innovative cycling accessories, has announced the availability of its newest product, Fly12. A combination headlight and Full HD camera made for cyclists, the device makes commuters, road and mountain bikers more visible while recording the action ahead. It also includes feature-rich iPhone and Android companion apps and integration with popular cycling social network Strava.

Fly12 is lightweight and compact with a modern design delivering wide angle, crystal clear high quality recordings. In camera-only mode it will record for 10 hours, while the headlight delivers up to 400 lumens for low light visibility. Fly12 utilizes WiFi and Bluetooth for connectivity to the CycliqPlus companion app, which controls settings, enables video review and sharing, provides Strava integration, adds a tramline overlay and can arm an innovative bike alarm.

Fly12 Features:

  • Full HD 1080p Camera: Fly12 features 1080p resolution and records at 45 FPS, ensuring next-level resolution and rich detail
  • Powerful Headlight: Fly12 delivers up to 400 lumens, for visibility up to 75 feet in complete darkness. Choose between always on and flashing modes
  • Superb Battery Life: Fly12’s battery will last up to 10 hours in camera-only mode, as much as four times as long as other action cameras. The light lasts for up to two hours at full intensity (while recording)
  • Strava Premium Membership: Fly12 purchasers receive three-months free premium membership
  • Set And Forget Use: Fly12 features looping record, with footage automatically saved to a microSD card (supports up to 64GB)
  • Incident Capture Technology: Fly12 will preserve important footage in the event of a serious incident
  • Innovative Nanotechnology: Fly12 is weather proof, so water ingress won’t corrode or break the device. Nano technology also ensures water will shed off
  • GoPro Mount & Garmin Mount Compatible: Fly12 comes with its own handlebar mount and also works works with select Garmin-compatible mounts

CycliqPlus User-Friendly iPhone / Android Companion App  

  • Video Editing: Quick and easy on-the-fly review, trimming and social sharing
  • Tramline feature overlays a three-foot buffer from the bike onto video footage
  • Strava Integration: Access and overlay a choice of Strava ride statistics such as speed, power, heart rate and map location
  • Bike Alarm: Once armed, any bike movement will set off an audible alarm, start the light flashing and turn the camera on. In addition an alert is sent  to the paired smartphone
  • *Android app will be available later this month

Fly12 will retail for US $349 and is available online and independent bike dealers this month. For more information visit



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