ZL Technologies to Take Center Stage at MER Conference 2016

Speaking Sessions Unite Top Thought Leaders to Discuss the Effects of Emergent Technologies on Enterprise Information Governance Practices

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwired - May 19, 2016) - ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), the leader in enterprise information governance and analytics, will present at the National Conference on Managing Electronic Records (MER) scheduled for May 23-25 in Chicago. The MER event, now in its 24th year, is the longest-running professional conference of its kind and is widely renowned for its exceptional educational content and preeminent attendees. ZL Technologies again returns as an education session provider, joining this year with top thought leaders in the information governance space to explore topics related to emergent technology, file share management and analysis, and big data governance.

  • Session S01: "Major Changes Are Ahead for IG. What Are They? What Will Be Their Impact?"

    Day: Monday May 23, 2016

    Time: 9:00 - 10:00 AM CT

    Session Description:

    In this opening panel discussion, information governance experts Barclay T. Blair, Kon Leong, Stephen Ludlow, and James Watson, PhD, look to the future, discussing "what's next" in the world of information. Hear what experts believe you should know and will really matter, not just in 2016 but moving forward as well.

    In today's world of 3D printing, machine learning, autonomous vehicles and more, it can be difficult to decide where to allocate business resources. The goal of this opening session is to cut through the hype and think strategically about where your organization should focus its attention, budget, and efforts.
  • Session S23: "File Share Cleanup: How to do it Once… and Never Again"

    Day: Tuesday May 24, 2016

    Time: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CT

    Session Description:

    The traditional project-based approach to enterprise file share cleanup yields temporary results; by the time the cleanup is complete, the file environment is already on its way to needing another cleanup. So if file shares are to be kept under control over time, the only logical option is to repeatedly conduct cleanup projects. Right?

    Wrong. An endless cycle of file cleanup projects can be avoided with careful selection of technology that aligns with long-term information governance architecture. This product showcase will examine how the right file analysis approach can provide not only a starting point for file share cleanup, but also an opportunity to proactively classify and govern files in perpetuity -- eliminating the need for repeated cleanup projects.

ZL Technologies will additionally be exhibiting on the conference expo floor, showcasing its flagship Unified Archive® (ZL UA) information governance platform and ZL File Analysis and Management (ZL FAM) product.

For further details regarding ZL Technologies' participation at MER 2016, as well as information on how to schedule an on-site meeting, please visit the company's dedicated MER event page.

About ZL Technologies, Inc.

ZL Technologies makes Unified Archive® software (ZL UA) to enable large enterprises to manage all unstructured content such as email, files, and instant messages to satisfy corporate needs for eDiscovery, records management, regulatory compliance, information governance, and storage management. By providing singular and comprehensive data management architecture, it also enables business content to be leveraged proactively for analytics and competitive advantage, via ZL Enterprise Analytics™ (ZL EA). ZL UA's unique differentiator is its unified architecture, which consolidates all applications and billions of documents under one platform, thus eliminating today's fractured data silos which significantly raise operating costs, increase legal risk, and derail effective Big Data analytics initiatives. Demonstrating a proven track record with Global 500 customers and strategic partnerships with major players such as Oracle, Unisys, PwC, and SunGard, ZL has emerged as the technology leader in harnessing unstructured "Big Data" for strategic advantage. For more information, please visit www.zlti.com.

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