LYONBIOPOLE Reveals Pillars of Success

Economic Development, Innovation, Facilities and International Reach Enrich the Life Science Cluster in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Region, France

LYON, FRANCE--(Marketwired - June 07, 2016) - LYONBIOPOLE, the organization dedicated to the life science cluster in French Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, is revealing the four pillars the organizations provides to enrich the life science sector. Through economic development, innovation, facilities and international reach, LYONBIOPOLE unites the industry and enhances strategic reach.

Recognized as a dynamic international cluster in the life science sector, this regional ecosystem is the largest vaccine production site in Europe and home to around 800 life science companies which represent over 150,000 jobs. To bring together life science groups in the region and ignite additional development Sanofi Pasteur, Merial, bioMérieux and BD founded LYONBIOPOLE in 2005.

LYONBIOPOLE is the gateway to healthcare innovation in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and is dedicated to supporting the emergence and development of innovative technologies, products and services for a more personalized medicine which benefits the patient. LYONBIOPOLE supports ambitious projects and companies in the fields of infection disease, cancer, nutrition, metabolic disease and neuroscience. With 190 member companies and 17 world class research centers, LYONBIOPOLE offers continued support though the four pillars of success:

Economic development

"Inovotion is a young start-up offering a unique in vivo oncology efficacy and toxicity assay. We are taking part in the fundraising sessions offered through LYONBIOPOLE and are confident this will have a positive impact on our bottom line. We are also actively involved in the different networking events organized by LYONBIOPOLE, and through these events we are gaining a solid footing in the health ecosystem in this attractive region." Jean Viallet, CEO Inovotion.


"We recognized the value of LYONBIOPOLE, and chose to headquarter in its Business Center located in the Lyon Gerland biodistrict. In 2015, LYONBIOPOLE accompanied us via their technical branch, Groupe Technique. Together, we have been able to collaborate and launch an R&D project, TYROMAB, to develop new therapeutic antibodies. This project valued at more than EUR 3,197,000 has obtained EUR 1,591,000 of public funds." Christine Guillen, Director General, Elsalys Biotech.


"By integrating into LYONBIOPOLE, we are able to concentrate on our true expertise: discovering new antiviral and anti-cancer treatments from viral interactions with human protein, and let a dedicated team manage the rest. R&D laboratories with dedicated office space… (These installations evolved as rapidly as our technology!)… are a real time-saver for us, and greatly contribute to our productivity as a group." Jacky Vonderscher, President of ENYO Pharma.


"For years, we have participated in the international delegations put together by LYONBIOPOLE to reach the American market. These missions have put us in a position to explore possibilities in the U.S. We have recently put together a contract with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, which is the largest private oncology research center in the world. We are proud to be the first French company to receive the CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments) for our laboratory based in Grenoble. We will be able to receive and test with our ImmunTraCkeR®Dx, samples from routine check-ups of American patients." Dr. Bernhard Sixt, President and Director General of ImmunID.

This week LYONBIOPOLE is accompanying twenty-five groups to take part in BIO 2016, in San Francisco.

To book an appointment and meet with LYONBIOPOLE and the organizations they are bringing to the BIO International Convention, please contact Dalyce Semko Suanez at (403)869-3259.

About Lyonbiopole

As a Bio Cluster, Lyonbiopole is the gateway to healthcare innovation in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The cluster supports ambitious projects and companies in the health sector (infectious diseases, cancer, nutrition, metabolic diseases). Their aim is to support innovative technologies, products and services for more personalized medicine that benefits the patient.

Lyonbiopole is involved in 4 strategic areas: human medicine; veterinary medicine; in vitro diagnostics; medical devices. Its missions are: 1) to promote the emergence of innovative R&D collaborative projects; 2) to support SME for strategic partnerships, access to private investors, expertise and training; 3) to foster SME Internationalization and the cluster position at the EU and International levels; 4) to give access to high-level dedicated facilities.

Lyonbiopole received the "Gold Label" by ECEI in 2014. In 2015, Lyonbiopole represented 190 members: 5 world-class leaders including its founders (Sanofi Pasteur, bioMérieux, Merial, BD); 17 Research Centers including 3 Hospital University Centers; 168 SMEs.

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