Concurrent Technologies Corporation's Vicki A. Barbur, PhD to Speak at Smart Cities Innovation Summit June 14

Dr. Barbur to discuss water management with award-winning SYLAS-R2, an energy efficient wastewater recycle/reuse system

JOHNSTOWN, Pa., June 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On June 14 at the 2016 Smart Cities Innovation Summit, Austin, TX, Vicki A. Barbur, PhD, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Concurrent Technologies Corporation, will present an Edison Award-winning wastewater recycle/reuse system to representatives from over 200 cities interested in state-of-the-art solutions to some of their toughest infrastructure challenges.

The System for Laundry and Shower Recycle/Reuse (SYLAS-R2™) is an energy-efficient, automated greywater reuse/recycle system that can save sewage and water costs by conserving water. Greywater is wastewater generated from such sources as sinks, showers, baths and clothes washers. SYLAS-R2™ is capable of achieving 90% greywater recovery while exceeding potable water quality standards and water reuse standards.  

The poster presentation Water management with SYLAS-R2: an energy efficient wastewater recycle/reuse system was authored by Barbur, Thomas J. Piro and Michel J. McCluskey, all of Concurrent Technologies Corporation.  

According to Barbur, "Implementing SYLAS-R2™ technologies across various industries or as part of new infrastructures would markedly accelerate compliance with water reuse standards and any national mandates. The overarching outcome would be millions of gallons of water conserved daily through 90% greywater reuse. In addition to cost savings that can be achieved via reduced water and sewage fees, there are enormous social and environmental benefits to be realized, especially in drought regions or in disaster relief operations across the U.S. and abroad."

The principle differentiator for Concurrent Technologies Corporation's SYLAS-R2, says Barbur, "is a device that recovers energy in the reverse osmosis reject stream to minimize the overall energy demand. Metal additive manufacturing expertise at Concurrent Technologies Corporation was deployed to create several multiple eductor prototypes (patent pending - U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 62/259,793 Filed: November 25, 2015), which allowed the design to be optimized to maximize energy recovery. To achieve high flux rate and low maintenance objectives, a separation medium not traditionally used for water filtration was identified, and an efficient backwash recirculation control logic ("Software Methodology for Grey Water Purification," copyright filed November 19, 2015) was implemented to satisfy some necessary operational protocols."

Dr. Vicki A. Barbur earned a PhD in physics from Imperial College, University of London, a master of science degree in applied statistics from the University of Oxford, and a bachelor of science degree in physics from Imperial College, University of London. She is widely published in peer-reviewed journals and holds three U.S. and one European patent based on her work associated with applying novel statistical principles to processing methodologies.

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