Baltimore Ravens' Elvis Dumervil Partners with New Story and Mission of Hope to Build 58 Homes for Displaced Families in Haiti

AUSTIN, Texas, July 1, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elvis Dumervil visited Haiti last week to witness the distribution of some of the homes he is funding for those still living in tents since the 2010 earthquake. Dumervil, who is of Haitian descent, is funding a project to build 58 new homes, corresponding with his jersey number.  Funding partner New Story Charity accompanied Dumervil to see the first families moving into their new homes.

"It was such a fulfilling moment to see happiness and see people appreciate a 600 square-foot little room in their house," said Dumervil. "It just changes your whole perspective on how fortunate we are. It's humbling."

The homes are being constructed by Mission of Hope Haiti (MOH) in the village of Bercy for $6,500 each and include a small plot of land for farming.  MOH has also established schools and medical care in the Bercy community.   Mission of Hope has previously worked with New Story Charity and other partners, such as Arbonne, to help fund and build over 700 homes in Leveque and Minoterie as well.

"We are so grateful for partners like Elvis who share a passion for bringing life transformation in Haiti. It always amazes me how much can be done when we partner together to bring hope to the people of Haiti," said Mission of Hope President Brad Johnson.

Dumervil is passionate about bringing awareness to the many Haitians still living in tents since the earthquake and is hoping to enlist the help of fellow Haitian NFL players to ultimately build a 250 home community.  There are currently 50 NFL athletes of Haitian descent.

About Mission of Hope:
Mission of Hope, Haiti exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman and child in Haiti.  They are currently feeding over 91,000 children daily, educating over 6,500 students, training over 3,000 farmers, and providing medical care to over 30,000 patients.  

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