Ropart Asset Management and The Madison Square Garden Company Invest in the Future of Women’s Sports Through Excelle Sports, Inc.

Telling athletes' stories and harnessing the passion of audiences across all sports

New York City, July 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

New York, July 6, 2016 Excelle Sports, Inc., the first multimedia platform to deliver comprehensive coverage of women’s sports, announced today that it has received strategic investments from Ropart Asset Management, a private equity firm and the lead investor, and The Madison Square Garden Company, a world leader in live sports and entertainment with a portfolio of legendary sports teams, exclusive entertainment productions and celebrated venues.


“Excelle Sports has quickly developed a leadership position in sports media and truly is covering a wide range of women’s sports at the highest level,” said Teddy Stofer, Principal at Ropart Asset Management. Todd Goergen, Founder and Managing Partner adds, “They are breaking news and telling the stories that need to be told. Kim and Cat have built an incredible network within the sports community, and everyone, including college and pro athletes and coaches, women’s pro sports leagues, and governing bodies, wants to work with them to be a part of Excelle Sports’ future. The opportunity is great, and we are excited to work with them to create a market leader.”


“As the owner of an original WNBA franchise, we are proud of our long commitment to supporting women's sports, and for providing outstanding athletes with a powerful platform to show the world their amazing talent and tenacity,” said Jordan Solomon, executive vice president of MSG Sports for The Madison Square Garden Company. “Our investment in Excelle is a logical extension of that 20-year commitment. We believe their unique multimedia platform fills an underserved need in the marketplace, and will appeal to a wide range of fans who enjoy a diverse array of women's sports and the stories behind them.”


Excelle Sports, launched in February 2016, is a news-based, multi-media platform creating custom digital and social content and curating aggregated video/social/editorial content about women’s sports at the college, pro and Olympic levels. Editorial Director Howard Megdal works with a team of seasoned sports journalists to provide news and features about athletes, coaches and teams, athlete-to-athlete interviews, videos, podcasts, scores and rankings (NCAA and pro), and more. From the most watched sports including soccer, basketball, and tennis to sports such as lacrosse, volleyball, swimming, ice hockey, and gymnastics, Excelle fills a void in the coverage of the full range of women's sports.

“Today’s vast and immediate social media reach has given us the opportunity to be the first central news and content source for female athletes and fans across all women’s sports,” says Kim Donaldson, Co-Founder and CEO of Excelle Sports. “While 40% of U.S. athletes are female, only 4% of media coverage is of women’s sports. And even then, coverage of women’s sports is spotty at best. Meanwhile, the U.S. Women’s World Cup 2015 final game shattered all TV viewership records for soccer, male or female, and in 2015, tickets to the women’s US Open final sold out before the men’s.” She adds “Excelle recognizes that female athletes are making news year-round across all sports, and there is demand for that news. Each sport has its own passionate community with stories to tell and riveting, quality performances worth talking about.”


About Excelle Sports

Excelle Sports, founded by Kim Donaldson and Catharine Osborne, is the first multimedia platform dedicated to women’s sports, offering news, features, interviews, video, scores and rankings, and a curated marketplace of performance women’s sportswear and equipment recommended by pro athletes. The editorial team creates content about the full range of women’s sports, at the NCAA, professional and Olympic levels, telling the amazing stories of the athletes, coaches, teams and sports business leaders. Excelle also offers resources for post-college athletes to find local sports leagues and meet fellow athletes.


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