Diet Doc Mobilizes Weight Loss and Helps Those Who Fail to Seek Help Due to Embarrassment and Shame

Diet Doc has the ability to reach people in even the most remote locations and help them safely, successfully and privately lose excess weight from the comfort of their own home

OMAHA, Neb., July 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The professionals at Diet Doc understand that visiting local doctor offices, weight loss clinics and group meetings can be uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. And, for this reason, many people fail to seek professional weight loss help. Because of this understanding, the company has developed specialized diet plans geared toward helping those whose weight has gotten out of control because they are too ashamed or too embarrassed to seek professional medical weight loss help.

Diet Doc has helped people in every part of the country regain their health, restore their figure and take control of their life through safe, healthy, comfortable and private weight loss. And, although 97% of the company's patients report losing 20 or more pounds per month simply by following their diet plans, some people need more attention to change lifelong eating behaviors. Diet Doc's medical weight loss programs are unparalleled by the competition. They stand apart because they take the extra time to get to know their patients. They work personally, through comfortable online consultations to uncover the reason why weight has gotten out of control and they design diet plans that are customized to each patient's individual needs.

Their medical team understands the stigma that is oftentimes associated with being overweight. They understand the discrimination by employers who view being overweight a liability and they know that travelling to and from doctor offices can be difficult resulting in many people simply resigning themselves to a lonely life of despair and hopelessness. Diet Doc reaches out to those who feel that they are doomed to a life of embarrassment, shame and humility due to excess weight. They bring their state of the art, doctor designed, medically supervised diet plans into the homes of people in any part of the country, enabling those of any size, shape, age or gender to take control of their life by losing excess weight without leaving the safety and comfort of their own home.

Many overweight people have become best friends with food, quickly developing an addiction. And, like any drug, foods high in carbohydrates and sugars stimulate the brain's pleasure center reacting in the same manner as it does to cocaine, heroin and nicotine, triggering the release of dopamine, the "feel good" chemical. Like drug addiction, food addiction is very real, is associated with very real changes in the brain and deserves a very real solution.

Science understands drug addiction, but it is only recently that food addiction, the reasons and the solution, has been recognized. Diet Doc's uniquely designed diet plans combine natural prescription hormone treatments with nutritionist-designed diet plans that really work because they are tailored to be specific to and compatible with each patient's personal reason for uncontrolled weight.

The Diet Doc team works closely with each patient to uncover and address the real reason for weight gain. New patients consult online with their doctor and nutritionist to tailor diet plans and prescription diet products that will safely and quickly help them to reach their ideal weight. They monitor their patients' progress via scheduled weekly checkup calls and are available for questions, concerns, suggestions and support throughout. They customize each diet plan to be specific to each patient's age, gender, activity level, nutritional needs and medical conditions. And, because they are a medical weight loss company, their doctors are able to prescribe powerful products that control hunger and cravings and leave patients feeling full and satisfied without feeling deprived.  Their safe and powerful blend of pure prescription diet products naturally mobilize stored body fat for an ample supply of energy without jittery side effects. Patients report fat melting from the belly, hips, thighs, underarms and buttocks within days. They report looking better and feeling more confident than ever.

Diet Doc is proud of their ability to personally help each of their patients physically and emotionally improve their life by breaking food additions, regaining their health and restoring their figure safely, quickly, comfortably and privately. They encourage people in any part of the country to call or visit today to schedule an immediate, personal, no-cost consultation.

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Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation's leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support.  For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

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