Cloudways Cloud Platform Announces Support for HTTP/2

Developers and Designers Can Now Protect Their Websites Using HTTP/2 for Free

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwired - August 30, 2016) - Cloudways Cloud Platform announces the integration of HTTP/2, an advancement of HTTP. Customers can now benefit from faster website load time. HTTP/2 replaces mod_spdy giving websites the added speed that will cut down the load time.

HTTP/2 is based on SPDY with a major focus on performance improvements and enhancements like multiplexing for faster data transfer, compression of headers for transferring less data, and prioritization for proper page rendering. According to W3Techs, 9.6% of all websites use HTTP/2 since its introduction in 2015.

If properly implemented, web apps using HTTP/2 can outperform HTTP/1.1 ones by a margin of 150% to 300%.

"Cloudways is pleased to integrate HTTP/2 on the platform. The feature has been put up for public testing since July. After finalizing, the new transfer protocol works perfectly on Cloudways and we are happy to inform of its official availability," said Aaqib Gadit, Co-founder of Cloudways.

Developers can benefit from this timely integration in deploying secured websites. HTTP/2 lets developers send requests in a swift sequence on the same TCP connection while the user can receive responses out of order. This ploy eliminates the requirement of numerous connections among the client and server.

With HTTP/2 protocol, developers also have the liberty to select the resources which they presume are important for server utility. Header size is compressed to a great extent as well in HTTP/2. Applications administered on this protocol are performance enhanced to meet modern security standards.

HTTP/2 accompanied by SSL certificates on Cloudways ThunderStack enables the Cloud Platform to deliver content at a faster pace with complete security of sensitive data. After successful integration of Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on Cloudways, website owners can deploy one-click free SSL certificates on supported apps without hindering the performance.

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