Engaging Creative Takes Centre Stage as Digital Advertising Shifts to Keep Up with Consumer Demand

New Report spotlights a market focused on driving deeper customer engagement across all channels

LONDON, Aug. 30, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital advertising is shifting from standard ad formats to bespoke units that create high-impact brand experiences in an attempt to keep up with consumer demand and changing preferences - according to a new study conducted by Theorem. Designed to uncover emerging trends, DigitalPerspectives™ is a quarterly report based on a survey of leading UK-based digital media agency executives. 

Theorem’s DigitalPerspectives™ programme is managed and delivered by the research arm of digital media and marketing services company, Theorem. Closely monitoring what’s trending in the UK digital media market, Theorem calls on a unique 700-strong panel populated with some of the most respected and senior people in the business, to drill down into market shifts, changes and developments.

Using a blend of online and in-depth face to face interviews, Theorem’s Panel gave its insight into how online creative is evolving to keep audiences engaged and how this is manifesting itself across channels including video, mobile and virtual reality.  

Theorem conducted the survey in Q2 2016. The Panel provided insights on ad blocking, fraud, viewability, and programmatic as well-documented barriers to the growth of online advertising.

Key Findings

  1. The Power of Page Placement 
    In a world of scaled social platforms offering effective direct response campaigns, the focus on most premium publishers is now on driving deeper ‘engagement’. Some 77% of the Panel ranks the Placement on Page as the Number One most important factor in gaining that engagement – demonstrating how important it is to have the commercial and the product teams working closely together.

  2. Perfecting the Art of Personalisation 
    The number of campaigns that will use dynamic creative is expected to grow significantly over the next year with Panelists estimating nearly 41% of campaigns in 2017 will use creative that changes automatically based on information about the user – whether related to their behaviour, location or context.

  3. Take Measures to Maximise Mobile Experiences 
    Publishers are challenged to deliver engaging experiences across all platforms. The shift of consumer time from desktop to mobile is potentially the most important monetisation challenge for all media owners. The Panel shows that there are a number of factors that continue to limit mobile spend, including 1) poor measurement (6.6/10), 2) technical challenges (6.1/10), and 3) lack of quality formats (6.0/10).

  4. Engaging with Video 
    Video is a key tool for driving brand engagement. And the market’s desire for video continues to increase. Already over half of all campaigns contain a video element of some sort, and this is expected to rise to two thirds by 2017. Given that the majority of publishers struggle to create video, alternative options such as partnerships, syndication, in-read and user-generated content are vital areas for publishers to investigate. 

  5. Experimenting With Virtual Reality 
    Advertising is about to take the next giant leap in creative innovation, with the growing importance of Virtual Reality (VR). Clearly, VR is still in its infancy, but the market is already starting to gather strategic insights so it can identify ways of taking advantage of the technology with nearly a third of panelists testing VR in some form.

Henry Rowe is EMEA Managing Director at Theorem and comments, “This latest data garnered through interviews and conversations with our UK agency panel shows a market innovating and experimenting in an attempt to keep audiences engaged with personalised, immersive experiences. This is one of the best ways we know to take the temperature of the market when there is new hype around a topic, or emerging concerns about a new development which could affect the industry.”

About the Theorem Agency Panel
The Theorem Agency Panel is made up of a unique 700-strong industry panel made up of some of the most respected and prominent people in the business.  Its goal is to drill down and recognise emerging trends, changes, developments and concerns in the fast moving digital marketplace.

The Theorem panel covers the whole spectrum of agency sizes and types. From major industry heavyweights and top executives to buyers and planners from key media agencies – including many new and emerging players which are stimulating the market with innovative ideas and approaches.

About Theorem

Theorem is an industry-leading digital marketing partner to some of the world's most recognizable organizations. Leading media owners, publishers, networks, technology providers, digital platforms, CRM businesses and brands leverage Theorem’s expertise and scale to maximize their digital performance.

Theorem has three main services; Business Solutions (commercial consultancy), Operations (ad operations, campaign management, reporting, CRM, data services) and Creative Build. By combining these offerings into a full suite of services, Theorem helps businesses increase revenue and become more operationally efficient.

Theorem underpins the digital program successes of companies including Rocketfuel, Epsilon, Hearst, Pandora, and Microsoft. 

With offices in New York, London, India, The Dominican Republic and Australia, Theorem has over 1500 global employees and serves more than 200 leading agencies, publishers, networks, technology providers, and brands.  More at www.theoreminc.net


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