Low VA Rates Presents U.S. Flags to Returning Soldiers

135 Army National Guard Soldiers Returned from Deployment on August 27 and Low VA Rates Welcomed Them Alongside Their Families

SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Close to 135 soldiers from the Utah Army National Guard returned to the United States from deployment early last Saturday morning. The soldiers had been gone for about 1 year in different areas of the Middle East (including Kuwait, Egypt, and Iraq), and their return was long-awaited.

Low VA Rates' employee Heather Adsit stood among the family and friends crowded on the tarmac of the Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah in anticipation of seeing loved ones arrive safe home again. Many mothers, wives, brothers, children, and others held balloons and signs that read "Welcome Home Daddy" and the like. Among the people gathered there, it was difficult to peer over dozens of heads to see the plane roll in. When it finally did, cheers rose up as the soldiers filed off the plane, all of them still in their military camo. The soldiers and families searched for each other amongst the crowds, and each reunion was sweet and tear-filled. Refreshments and seating were provided in the hangar, but after a quick bite, most families were eager to return to the comfort of their own homes.

Low VA Rates Loan Officer Leland Fudge also attended the welcome. He stood at the hangar exit, handing out a boxed flag to each soldier as a physical gift and expression of gratitude for their service. When the company heard mention of the arrival of these soldiers, it jumped at the opportunity to show appreciation in person. Overall, the redeployment, or the soldiers' return home, went well.

Fudge, a veteran of the U.S. Army himself, said of the experience that "the soldiers, and especially their families, were grateful for our token of gratitude . . . most family members were sure to remind their soldier to get a flag on the way out."

The American flag symbolizes everything these soldiers stand for every day, especially while they were deployed. Our nation's troops constantly protect the flag, and so it seemed fitting for the company to provide them with that reminder of what they have done for each of us. At Low VA Rates, we prioritize our troops' needs. When veterans return from service, we wish to give them more than flags. We help them afford beautiful houses that will really say "welcome home."

About Low VA Rates: Low VA Rates is a VA mortgage loan company located in Lindon, Utah. Most of the company's organization has been around since 2006, but it became an independent company late in 2013. It has four additional branches across the U.S. and services most of the 50 states. It is one of the nation's leading lenders and deals solely in VA loans, offering both purchase and refinance loans.


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