British Columbia Is the Jobs Destination of the Nation

Express Employment Professionals Releases 3rd Annual Labour Day Hot Jobs Market Survey

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Sept. 2, 2016) - Jobs are a plenty in British Columbia, according to the 2016 Express Employment Professionals Top 50 Labour Day Hot Job Markets in Canada Survey released today.

It is a British Columbia hot jobs sweep. Five of the top markets nationally are in British Columbia, making it the hottest in terms of available jobs provincially. North Vancouver tops the job market in terms of available jobs relative to population. Vancouver is the hottest major city with more than 200,000 people. Surrey is No. 2.

"Beautiful British Columbia is equally plentiful British Columbia when it comes to jobs in 2016," said Bob Funk, CEO of Express Employment Professionals. "The Hot Jobs Market Survey shows British Columbia stands out as the jobs destination of the nation."

"This is the third annual Labour Day survey by Express and it's striking how British Columbia has steadily risen in the rankings," Funk said. "Equally clear is the continued and steady decline of Alberta, which dominated the hot job rankings just three years ago."

Wood Buffalo (Fort McMurray), once a top job market in the country, is now ranked No. 19 in the nation.

"The 2016 Express hot job survey really is a tale of two Canadas," Funk said. "British Columbia leads the nation in employment while the rest of the country either struggles or treads water."

Hottest job markets in terms of major Canadian cities with a population greater than 200,000:

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia
  2. Surrey, British Columbia
  3. Burnaby, British Columbia
  4. Mississauga, Ontario
  5. Edmonton, Alberta

The latest July 2016 Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey confirms British Columbia's impressive results. According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate in British Columbia continues to decline, and at 5.6 per cent, is the lowest in the country. This is compared with a rising national average of 6.9 per cent. Alberta's unemployment rate is now 8.6 per cent.

Ontario equally continues to cause some concern. Ontario, Mississauga was previously in the top markets and is now ranked at No. 32 in the nation.

The other trend worthy of note is the continued strength of smaller job markets in the province of Quebec. Five of the top 10 jobs markets are in Quebec, including Drummondville at No. 2, Brossard at No. 3, and last year's hottest job market Saint-Hyacinthe at No. 4.

Survey methodology:

In order to refine the real job market picture across Canada, for the third year in a row, Express Employment Professionals researched the rate of job availability by cross-referencing Statistics Canada population data with publicly advertised job postings on the federal Job Bank. Using the federal Job Bank (as opposed to data from provincial employment agencies or other providers) ensures a consistent, 'apples-to-apples' comparison of job availability from British Columbia to Newfoundland.

Download survey: 2016 Top 50 Labour Day Hot Job Markets in Canada

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