Moji releases new emojis to celebrate NFL player Victor Cruz

Dozens of new celebrity sticker collections expected in coming weeks

New York, Sept. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When Victor Cruz fans download the brand new emojis that depict the wide receiver for the New York Giants, they will be among the first to enjoy a fully integrated experience with the latest version of Apple’s new Messages App Store for iOS10. Moji’s latest release includes access to the Cruz emojis both through the Moji app ( and as a standalone sticker pack accessible through Messages. Cruz is the first athlete to release such a sticker pack for the new iOS10 Sticker Store.

The Cruz emojis came just in time for the Giants to take on the Washington Redskins yesterday at MetLife Stadium. Fans are able to choose from dozens of Cruz emojis, including an animated icon of his signature salsa dance amongst others which capture his personality on and off the field, as well as his fashionable taste.

Cruz is committed to giving back through the Victor Cruz Foundation, which he founded in 2012 to promote educational and financial literacy, college readiness and STEM initiatives. Nike released Cruz’s first ever signature shoe last year, the Air Cruz, also depicted in the pack.

Moji has previously worked with other athletes such as NBA star Stephen Curry and NFL player Von Miller, amongst dozens of others celebrities. Moji prides itself in setting the bar for what celebrity/athlete endorsed emojis should be, by capturing their overall personality and brand.

“In the world of emojis, it’s important to create content that does more than recreate a simple expression. Great care goes into crafting emojis that showcase the spirit of the person behind them,” Oliver Camilo, Founder & CEO.

The Victor Cruz emoji collection is available for purchase within the Moji app ( or as a sticker pack for iOS10 users via Moji is planning to release dozens more celebrity sticker packs in the coming week.

Earlier this month, Moji celebrated its 6th consecutive with the #1 Top Paid App on the App Store with its app Moji Maker which allows users to create their own custom emojis. Moji continues to strengthen its position as the definitive market leader of branded emojis. For additional information, please visit


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