Condusiv Launches Diskeeper 16 Software With a "Faster Than New" Performance Guarantee for Windows Physical Servers and PCs

World's Most Popular Defragmentation Software Makes "Defrag" a Thing of the Past, Delivers "Faster Than New" Performance Without Expensive Forklift Upgrades

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwired - September 28, 2016) - Condusiv® Technologies, the world leader in software-only storage performance solutions, today launched Diskeeper® 16 with DRAM caching with a guarantee to fix poor performing physical servers or PCs with faster than new performance.

This latest version of Diskeeper 16 with DRAM caching does away with traditional defragmentation to become the premier storage performance tool for Windows servers, laptops and workstations. The new "Set It and Forget It" software from Condusiv greatly improves business productivity, ensuring corporate and enterprise applications such as Microsoft SQL Server databases run at peak performance.

Instead of "defragging," Diskeeper 16's newest patented engine ensures large, clean contiguous data writes from Windows so fragmentation is no longer an issue for HDDs or SSDs. This eliminates the "death by a thousand cuts" scenario of small, tiny data writes that inflates I/Os per second, robs throughput, and shortens the lifespan of HDDs and SSDs. Diskeeper 16 dramatically improves Windows system performance with new dynamic memory caching, which uses idle DRAM to serve hot data reads without causing memory starvation or resource contention. With expansive write and read optimization, Diskeeper 16 comes with a 90-day, money-back guarantee to solve the toughest application performance challenges.

Since 1986, Diskeeper has been the industry gold standard for automatic disk defragmenting with over 100 million licenses sold and a 90 percent footprint in the Fortune 500. But with the continued frustration of Windows systems becoming progressively slower over time, Condusiv recognized the need for a comprehensive storage performance tool.

Available in Professional and Server editions

  • Diskeeper 16 Professional for Endpoints greatly enhances the performance of corporate laptops and desktops. The latest PCMark benchmarking tests demonstrate that Diskeeper 16 increases the performance of Windows 10 PCs by 73 percent in the Microsoft Office Productivity Suite tests, launches common applications 93 percent faster and boosts the Storage Bandwidth test by 31 percent with a mere 4GB of idle, unused DRAM leveraged for cache.
  • Diskeeper 16 Server speeds physical server system performance of the most I/O intensive applications such as SQL Server by 2X to 6X depending on the amount of idle, unused memory. An expansive I/O performance study on 3,450 servers revealed an average 40 percent latency reduction with only 3GB of idle DRAM.
  • Options include Diskeeper Administrator management console to automate deployment for hundreds or thousands of PCs or servers.
  • A free 30-day software trial download is available at Diskeeper 16 is also available immediately from Condusiv and its network of resellers and solution providers.

What People are Saying about Diskeeper 16

"Diskeeper 16 with DRAM caching doubled our throughput, so we could backup in half the time. Our Dell Rapid Recovery backup server is running smoother than ever," - Curtis Jackson, network administrator, School City of Hammond.

"Diskeeper 16 with DRAM caching served over 50 percent of my reads from DRAM and eliminated over 30 percent of write traffic by preventing fragmentation. Now everything is more responsive!" - David Bruce, managing partner, David Bruce & Associates.

"Our Symantec app running on a physical server has been notoriously slow for as long as I can remember, but since adding Diskeeper 16 it has improved significantly." - Josh Currier, network infrastructure manager, Munters Corp.

"Our most I/O intensive applications on physical servers needed some help, so we installed Diskeeper 16 with DRAM caching and we were amazed by the performance boost!" - Victor Grandmaiter, IT director, Fort Bend Central Appraisal District.

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Condusiv® Technologies is the world leader in software-only storage performance solutions for virtual and physical server environments, enabling systems to process more data in less time for faster application performance. Condusiv guarantees to solve the toughest application performance challenges with faster than new performance via V-locity® for virtual servers or Diskeeper® for physical servers or PCs. With over 100 million licenses sold, Condusiv solutions are used by 90 percent of the Fortune 1000 and almost three-quarters of the Forbes Global 100 to increase business productivity and reduce datacenter costs while extending the life of existing hardware.

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