London Drugs Invests Big Into Its First-Ever Loyalty Program

"LDExtras" delivers personalized experiences and rewards based on customer visits

RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Oct. 5, 2016) - Today London Drugs is launching LDExtras - the most tailored program in retail involving experiences and savings.

For every *"Visit" to a London Drugs store or to, customers will now begin capturing rewards. From special customized offers on products and services customers routinely purchase to being entered into a monthly $2500 shopping spree, all Canadians will now have the opportunity to earn rewards and experiences at London Drugs.

"Our customers will now reap rewards tailored to how they shop simply by shopping at London Drugs," says Clint Mahlman, chief operating officer and executive vice president, London Drugs. "We needed to be sure when launching a loyalty program that it would do two imperative things: be simple and not be onerous on our customers and also, surprise and delight them each and every time they shop with us. LDExtras epitomizes our goal to help make our customers lives easier and at the same time, have something fun and different and exciting in store. LDExtras is just the beginning of the constant evolution of the new type of relationship we want to have with our customers and how we will engage with our customers into the future."

Prior to today's Canada-wide launch, London Drugs introduced a 15-month successful pilot of the LDExtras program on Vancouver Island. **An example of an experiential reward during the pilot phase was when four cosmetics customers and their guests were flown from Victoria to Vancouver for a VIP London Drugs' beauty event. The LDExtras customers stayed overnight in a hotel, attended the exclusive event and went back to Victoria with $1000 worth of exclusive, highly anticipated beauty products later to appear in London Drugs stores. Another example of an experiential reward during the pilot phase was when a group of Vancouver Island LDExtras customers were given a similar holiday experience, attending a B.C. Lions game which included going behind the scenes and an autograph signing.

Signing up for LDExtras is simple, either online or in-store and once registered, the rewards naturally start rolling in simply by providing a phone number at the cashier or an email address when shopping online.

LDExtras is built around the customer and meant to provide experiences and rewards tailored to each individual. So if a customer shops regularly for baby items for example, the customer can expect to receive reward coupons and special select offerings around baby that will be received by email.

Rewards simply for signing up for LDExtras include the chance to win a $2500 monthly shopping spree. Multiple Visits earn specialized London Drugs services such as free computer virus checks and consultations with a health coach. All of these experiences and rewards aim to reflect the breadth of what London Drugs offers and the department and staff knowledge and expertise the company aims to excel in.

More rewards and experiential offerings will be added as we learn more about our customers through their participation in the LDExtras program. Another example is Fuji camera purchasers receiving an accessory kit without knowing. Surprise!

"The opportunities to bring magic to our customers through LDExtras are endless," says Malhman. "I've challenged our team to go above and beyond when exploring ways we can make our customers' lives easier and as well to provide our customers with enjoyable and unique opportunities and experiences as a way for London Drugs to say thank you for shopping with us. We know Canadians can shop anywhere. On behalf of our Canadian family-owned and operated company and our 7000 employees strong, LDExtras will give back to our customers in an exciting new way and hopefully have them coming back for more. We are beyond excited for our customers to sign up and start experiencing the rewards."

Customers can track and take advantage of LDExtras through the iOS and Android mobile apps; in-store at the LDExtras kiosks; and online at

Signing up is at Reward examples are listed on the web site.

*A LDExtras Visit is earned when you spend $10 or more (before taxes) on eligible products each day at a London Drugs store or online at

About London Drugs

Founded in 1945, B.C.-based London Drugs has 79 stores in more than 35 major markets throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba including its online store London Drugs offers consumers a range of products from digital cameras and cosmetics to computers and televisions. Renowned for its creative approach to retailing, the company employs more than 7,000 people with pharmacy and health care services being the heart of its business. Committed to innovation and superior customer service, London Drugs has established itself as a reputable and caring company and continues to position itself for future growth and development.

**30 second video of LDExtras members flown from Vancouver Island to Vancouver for exclusive event:

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