Reputation Companies Like Profile Defenders Help Defend Against Cyber Bullies

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 12, 2016) - Reputation management companies like Profile Defenders protect the innocent from the action of cyberbullies who prey on people.

According to professionals in the online reputation management industry, incidents of cyber bullying are on the rise and there's little the average internet user can do to stop them on his or her own. Fortunately, reputation management companies are able to step in and combat the bullies on their own terms.

Cyber Bullying Hits Users Where It Counts

The term cyber bullying is used frequently in the media, but the term itself vastly underplays the actions taken by malicious individuals online. While the term bullying might bring to mind the actions of school children, the reality of the online world is that cyber bullies come in a wide range of age groups, and their targets are not limited to the young or naive.

According to experts, cyber bullies build up campaigns of intimidation or harassment, motivated by anything from spite to boredom. When targeted, an individual can expect to see themselves beset on all sides by negative comments and imagery.

Cyber bullying goes a step farther than traditional bullying by creating an ecosystem of harassment that doesn't fade away with the bully's interest. Once the material is posted online, it becomes a part of the individual's online reputation. 

Those who track the phenomenon note that cyber bullying attacks tend to do more damage when left unchecked. As the material is left unattended online, the reasons behind the attacks are forgotten and the data becomes part of the background noise of the internet. When employers search for references online, it is the material posted by those bullies that is most likely to be found.

Reputation Companies Provide Relief for Consumers

Fortunately, reputation management companies like Profile Defenders have arrived, and in the war between reputation companies vs cyber bullies they give the innocent a chance to tell their story on the Internet. Co-founder of Profile Defenders, Richart Ruddie, is glad that people are given a second chance after being defamed by cyber bullies that act like new age mobsters trying to destroy good people through cyber bullying.

Professionals have made connections between the skills used in reputation management and the mitigation of cyber bullying attacks. While reputation management has long been used in the realm of public relations, the same skills have been found to be quite helpful in the war on cyber bullying.

Reputation management companies note that they have the ability to dedicate significant resources to cleaning up a client's online reputation that an average client does not possess, giving the companies the ability to fix damage that might otherwise seem impossible to repair.

Reputation companies carry the advantage of professional experience. When contacted by a client, the company can undertake a deep survey of the damage done during the cyber bullying incident. Harmful posts can be identified, as well as links to that content on other sites.

The reputation management company can then use its tools and influence to have offending material removed while helping the individual client to restore his or her reputation through the creation of more user-friendly content.

While the solutions often seem simple from the outside, it is only through skillful work that any real lasting changes can be made in the face of a cyber bully's assault on one's online reputation.

When it comes to dealing with the fallout of a dedicated cyber bullying assault, experienced reputation management companies are the only effective allies that can aid consumers. Through the use of dedicated tools and professional experience, reputation management companies have begun helping users clean up the Internet from biased cyber bullies that prey on individuals and businesses.

As cyber bullying continues to be a major threat for users from all walks of life, it's become more important for individuals to be aware of their options. With the help of the right professionals, cyber bullies can find their power reduced.

Content reputation management companies that specialize in dealing with cyber bullying and with cleaning up online reputations are now available to provide aid to clients.

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