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CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwired - Oct 18, 2016) - Over the course of the last 6 months, both the Trade and US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) have focused on and expended major effort to get importers ready to file their Partner Government Agency (PGA) data in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). While this focus was necessary, the other side of the equation must also be considered as well -- exports. Integration Point has not only been at the forefront of the movement to ACE for importers, but also has invested in making sure that Export Management is ready for its customers when the time comes.

In January 2016, CBP published a revised AESTIR (Automated Export System Trade Interface Requirements) which reflected the requirements from the PGAs. Unlike imports that required PGAs to come to a consensus on a standard message set, the data requirements for exports were not quite as complicated. Integration Point Export Management Software and AES Filing Software now has the ability to capture those required data elements and submit them to CBP on the export filing. 

At this point, seven PGAs have published data requirements and many are starting up pilots. "Integration Point was ready before the first enforcement date for the National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS) on September 20, and will be looking forward to supporting our clients' filing needs as other agencies announce mandatory dates into 2017," said Virginia Thompson, Vice President of Product Management and Product Manager for Export Management Solutions at Integration Point. "Beyond the updates to our Export Management and AES Filing solutions, we have also added capabilities to capture this data when classifying products in our Global Classification Software. This supports our belief that having all product data in one single repository across a common platform leads to higher compliance rates, improved visibility, and increased savings."

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