Emtrain Debuts New Suite of Modern Workplace Education Tools in Preventing Workplace Harassment Program

New Emtrain P2P, analytics, and video tools drive modern training platform that better reflects and resolves real life workplace environments and issues

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 17, 2016) - Online workplace education company Emtrain today introduced a new suite of workforce training tools as part of its newly launched Preventing Workplace Harassment program. The enhanced Emtrain platform now leverages advanced content, business intelligence, and engagement tools to better target and track problem areas in order to build a more aligned, supportive and higher performing workforce.

"For years, workplace training has used a 'do this, not that' model that doesn't make sense in today's social media and technology-driven world," said Emtrain CEO and workplace training expert Janine Yancey. "These dated models result in trainings workers dismiss as irrelevant and that fail to reach desired performance outcomes. The Emtrain platform is designed for the modern workplace, offering companies new and inspiring ways to reach employees and influence positive behaviors."

Emtrain's workplace training platform is inspired by the innovations found in many popular, consumer Internet applications today. Unlike traditional workplace training, it leverages social media functionality, data sharing with and among users, real-time feedback and interactivity, and continuous programming to create a true community learning experience.

Platform features include:

  • Real time interactive polling and results for rich P2P engagement;
  • Anonymous sharing of workplace conflicts by colleagues to build a collaborative, experience-based learning environment;
  • Curated coursework and answers from subject matter experts in response to learner questions;
  • Actionable data and business analytics embedded within courses to identify and track areas of workplace improvement; and
  • A continuous training program driven by reporting and responsive micro-video lessons to trigger ongoing cycle of peer engagement

Patti Perez, a council member of the California Fair Employment and Housing Council (FEHC), which issued new AB 1825 regulations on sexual harassment training, said: "Emtrain's training solution succeeds on two fronts -- the content captures the vision and intent of California lawmakers while the web design provides an elegant and easy-to-use platform for realizing that vision. This combination will go a long way towards improving the efficacy of harassment training."

This full suite of tools is being offered for the first time in Emtrain's new Preventing Workplace Harassment course. Designed to help businesses meet and surpass required compliance thresholds such as the implementation of California's AB 1825 regulation, this course builds a team-centered baseline for dialogue around workplace harassment.

Contact info@emtrain.com to learn more about the Emtrain learning platform or the Preventing Workplace Harassment course.

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