DashBid Launches DBeX The First Exchange Powered By The DashBid Engagement Spectrum

The Engagement Spectrum segments audiences based on video engagement and demographic distribution, becoming the first exchange allowing advertisers to buy against these parameters

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - December 19, 2016) - DashBid today announced the launch of the DashBid Exchange (DBeX) powered by the DBeX Engagement Spectrum. The DBeX Engagement Spectrum is a first of its kind feature allowing advertisers to buy against engagement metrics beyond impressions, viewability, and demographics. This powerful new feature segments and grades audience sets based on engagement metrics that include length of video view, AVOC, social shares and other key measures of engagement. These metrics are layered on traditional demographic data sets, allowing advertisers to truly reach the right person at the right time.

"With DBeX, powered by the Engagement Spectrum, advertisers will now be able to better understand and buy audiences based on metrics that drive maximum ROI," said Rodger Wells, CEO of DashBid. "At DashBid, we know advertisers will pay more to reach highly targeted consumers that are fully engaging with ads. Publishers will receive a higher CPM for media buys optimized for these audience sets."

According to current Media Rating Council and IAB definitions, an auto intender who views an ad for two seconds is just as valuable to an advertiser as someone who views an ad for 15 seconds. However, the person who views an ad longer and/or shares an ad via social media is more engaged and a more valuable target. The advertiser wants to target the more engaged viewer and will pay more for that consumer, and the publisher will benefit from the segmentation that viewer in their inventory, selling it at a higher CPM.

DBeX provides the standard features of an exchange such as private marketplaces, programmatic direct, and robust reporting. Additionally, advertisers can buy against the Engagement Spectrum with the assurance of high-quality traffic screened through DashBid's fraud filters technology. This ensures advertisers are only targeting 100% human and bot free traffic.

The DBeX Engagement Spectrum will be fully available to advertisers in Q1 2017.

About DashBid

DashBid is a video supply-side platform (SSP) designed and built specifically for video advertising. DashBid's proprietary algorithms enable publishers to maximize revenue and optimize yield while providing advertisers with access to transparent and viewable inventory with detailed data to improve campaign performance. DashBid works with dozens of programmatic sales channels across desktop and mobile, serving nearly 1 billion video impressions each month. DashBid is headquartered in New York and operates globally. For more information, please visit: www.dashbid.com.

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